Big laugh of the day! Meghan Markle queen of LA

This article was irresistible to me! Boohoo, you miss LA and you want three houses to do your work? What work?  Tanning? lay about and do Yoga moves?  Oh, Meg and Harry, you must so exhausted after the whine and cheese tour. Oh Dear me, you deserve a 10 million pound house in LA so you will become a resident to which she can divorce Harry and take it all.

Harry, you deserve everything you get. stop being woke and wake up!


Anon said: Sussex – Doc. VICTIMS

Anon said: Sussex – Doc. VICTIMS

So I watched it. It’s basically about this: “my mother was diana, remember that” – “meghan is mixed-raced, remember that”, “meghan is always the victim, remember that” – “climate change is real” – “we can’t handle criticism, that’s why we are threatening to leave that country”

Other than that it was just a recap of their pointless, long tour, what we have already seen in articles/photos.

I guess…

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MM – Freckles

How funny is it that Meghan wants natural people on the cover when she does anything to not look like herself (straightening hair, bronzer, covering freckles,…)

Harriet Johnson wrote a sweet article, I think I have a cavity, 😹😹 Meghan Markle is such a phony, her scams never stop.


Thank you, squad member! God bless America! 🌸😎💋


Media Meg vs Media Blackout

Media Meg vs Media Blackout

Anonymous said:
It looks like pr got everyone talking about her again. Now reportedly a six-month media blackout on baby birth. Is this to cover surrogate? Or drum up interest to get media to pursue her to look like hounded, i.e., Diana 2.0?
A concrete truck woke me up, I saw your ask, and I just have to answer with gifs and go back to bed if I can.
Thank you anon, I’m laughing so hard, Media Meg…

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LMAO- Meghan is pap walking in NYC

LMAO- Meghan is pap walking in NYC

So now Meghan is pap walking in NYC exiting some random house in NYC where there just happened to be a pap walking by and giving the DM an exclusive. LOL. LOL. LOL. Fame hound doesn’t begin to cover this.

So 5 days in NYC for what? Lawyers? Her pr people to combat her total fake status? Meet with the surrogate? Arranging baby merch (that is a given)? A shower is over so why is she staying two…

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Anonymous said: Who travels to another country while allegedly 7 months pregnant

Anonymous said: Who travels to another country while allegedly 7 months pregnant

Anonymous said:
Who travels to another country while allegedly 7 months pregnant to have their baby shower? I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous. No one does this. Literally, no one. Your friends come to you! I call BS.
Exactly, I’m not buying it, and if she were, the Royals would tell her no.  MM would fly private.  Is this is more 💩💩 stirring?  All the cell phones in the world and nobody can…

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Wrong move Markle !!!!! Now let the fight back begin.

Wrong move Markle !!!!! Now let the fight back begin.

JD and Vin, take no notice of them, stay strong, It’s Markle PR team going on an all-out attack. What we all expect from you is for you to fight back via this site and expose Markle, her fake Moonbump and more. Moonbump is due soon, so they are on a vigorous attack to throw you off the scent. We’ve got your back and please never give up exposing liar Markle. More vigorous exposure of her and is…

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Daily Mail ~ Prince Harry Snub traditional boxing day shoot~ Resume

Daily Mail ~ Prince Harry Snub traditional boxing day shoot~ Resume

The original thought was lather rinse repeat but there a couple of digs in this piece, let me point them out.

“Harry, 34, has taken part in the family event for more than 20 years, but Meghan, 37, strongly opposes blood sports and refuses to wear fur.”

We had…

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