DM- Jean Luc is talking

The messages left are pretty damning! Chris Spargo of the Daily Mail did an excellent job, but I still think Epstein is alive and well, I’m not buying the video.

I was chatting with Kitty, and you guys have to read Kitty Links!  There we talk about all the research she has found. I’m telling you will be shocked how connected everything is, the networking is profound with these players and what’s happening in current news.

Pedos, Politics, Royals, Business, this is the swamp, my friends. The only thing is this the scum on top of the swamp, not the bigger fishes that need to be caught. The Deep state is HUGE!



Q Friday with Joe M on twitter – Part one- Are you awake?

Qanon – The players- are you a patriot? are you evil? or are you a pawn?

WWG1WGA ~Where we go one we go all

So, I’m diving into the Qanon culture, and it’s intense! They are exposing the swamp rats in DC and the clowns of the world. I’m hoping to see the Hollywood elite in there. I read the rumors of Satanic cults, baby-eating, pedophilia, just some sick 💩!

Please bear with me as we go down the rat hole with our little red pill or is it blue?  I start with the site address in the box at the top that takes you to the Evil, traitor, pawn, and patriot list.

I hope I’d be considered a patriot. It may have taken me a while, but I’m drawn to this with every link and youtube video I’ve watched, The president is diffidently being hunted for daring to say, I’m going to drain the swamp.  I didn’t know what that meant at the time, and I was so close, but larpers had pulled me away from the big-league players.  Meghan Markle is a stupid pawn!

Anons have made memes to go with Q posting and its pretty darn accurate.  I’m very serious about the blackout in NYC, that would be terrorism! Just to break out a pedo billionaire that has dirt on just about everybody?  You know I said, “there is no way they let his guy live, they aren’t going to allow it. Epstein only choice is to turn on these swamp creatures.  The state is going to have to protect this scumbag and Cruella, his sidekick procurer of young puddy tat and puppy dog tails.

I think what we should do is make regular posts that these anons make and see how accurate they are. I’ll post more.

It’s predicted this month the FISA will be unsealed, let us watch for this.

I guess I have to watch out for these outlets that and tear down the Alex Jones post.

That’s all for tonight, feel free to investigate for yourself, that’s one of the things Q tells us, dig, research!

Thank you, friends, 🌸😎💋JD


Statue of Liberty~ What does it mean to you, today?

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

What does this mean today with terrorism at our front door?  How can we make our country safe for freedom-seeking immigrants seeking the pursuit of liberty and happiness?

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Ellis Island is where these huddled masses came, no computers, no social media to check the backgrounds of these potential Americans.

I believe the answer is a simple one, come here legally and don’t jump the line.  Trickling in those huddled masses is the only way for the US infrastructure to stay in step with our ever growing population.

These billionaire actors like Soros, Clinton, and the Koch Brothers could help other countries in their perspective countries, so why fund groups to flood these poor people into the EU and the US?  POWER~ GREED~ FALSE GOD. 

Our founding fathers warned us about tyrannical governments and spoke out against Oligarchs, IMO this is what these people are. We must persevere our God-given freedoms against these atheists. We didn’t elect these people, so what gives them the right to interfere?


I do suspect they wanted this war in Iran and that’s why the MSM is jumping on the Soros bandwagon to call our duly elected President a coward. On the contrary, that was the bravest decision to not only think of 150 souls but thousands of our women and men to come into harm’s way.

Why should we do anything when we are now energy efficient? Shouldn’t it be up to Asia and Europe to send ships to protect the oil tankers?  After all, Germany, UK, and France figured a way around the sanctions to do business with Iran.  Watch Steve Hilton below tell you all about it.