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Some good comments on this article:

“So it was not a royal tour ,it was for them to film a documentary about themselves to show how wonderful they think they are, while the taxpayer footed the bill for their vanity project.”

Who didn’t know that? The copyright queen is going bank that! I do wonder how much ITV is donating to their MeAgain charity? These two are so ridiculous!


Let’s run a poll on twitter, run it for a month. Is the Royal family worth keeping? After I read some of the Kitty links, I just posted you would be sick. The BRF is part of the NWO.

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Petty minded

So even though Shout is a joint project of the DoC and the stage-managed Slutsex crew Megsy only authorized a pic of Her and the puppet. As if those two really do work of substance. And then because Megsy had too much pink water, the pic had to be edited 3 times and changed. See 8-year-olds are managing that account. They are proving what we have been saying. They can’t even manage an IG account, but there is a child they are raising. Dear Lord help this poor tyke.

So W and K have not yet seen the baby well who can blame them for keeping their distance. Momma Megsy spread a rumor with the help of her buddy Lainey that hurt W K and their children.

Everything with this couple is suspicious, so of course, people come up with wild conspiracy theories. Harry and Meghan fan those suspicions with their juvenile behavior.

It remains that there is something so off here with this whole saga. The stink of deception is all about.

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I agree the truth shall set you free are words to live by. This is the reason for all the speculation. Taxpayers have the right to know as their privileged lives are allowed by the people. Something the Sussex’s having quite got that in their head. They can’t pick and choose when they want the press or not.

Media Meg courted the press and for that matter so did Harry, the duo flung hurtful rants at the older citizens, and that also meant the press that tailgate them on their charity endeavors.

That poor baby is correct! I’m having deja vu, sort of PTSD, that Harry suffered unbearable abuse by the war of the Wales. Regardless of the insensitive remarks, this is a breathing baby, a gift from God regardless of its delivery into this world.

Even me, Meghan”s branded troll is asking for people to stop calling the baby fake and the mother is going to prison.  The sugars have to stop ranting at William because it’s not his fault that the Sussex’s chose not to have the baby titled.  We must accept the things we can not change.

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Frogmore Cottage-Palmer tweeting

Palmer is tweeting about Frogmore – delays again and the 3 million renovations costs. He is also complaining about the security costs for the police perimeter that will have to be established.

That is living in the real world when they want around the clock security and privileges with taxpayer money.

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Cosmo strikes

Hi Vin it’s Love here. y my her fav media outlet Como is getting a little unreliable as a sugar.

Yep they describe the new cottage as dilapidated and do mention taxpayer money will have to be used for the extensive renovations. Not so sugary eh?


Hello my love!

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Oh really? I wonder why? Hmmm… 😏😏

It’s all true the cottage is tore up from the floor up, and yeah as the other royal residences or whatever taxpayer money will be used to renovate. I’m liking the sour. The sour should continue, no more sugar.

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Daily Mail ~ Rory Tingle ~ taxpayers face 5million security bill

Daily Mail ~ Rory Tingle ~ taxpayers face 5million security bill


PUBLISHED: 21:02 EST, 27 November 2018 | UPDATED: 02:10 EST, 28 November 2018

Taxpayers could fork out up to £5million to protect Meghan and Harry’s new home in the grounds of Windsor Castle, it is claimed.

“it’s claimed”, they are speculating


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Daily Mail ~ Rory Tingle ~ taxpayers face 5million security bill

Taxpayers could fork out up to £5million to protect Meghan and Harry’s new home in the grounds of Windsor Castle, it is claimed.

“it’s claimed”, they are speculating

Plans will already be being formulated about how to secure the cottage grounds, which in places are only separated from public roads by a six-foot wall.

What?  huh? We found they have a permit for drainage and roof? something else that we can’t see was submitted recently. It’s doesn’t sound like a well put together scheme. 

Former royal protection officer Ken Wharfe told The Mirror: ‘The costs of building and security arrangements could balloon to £5million in the first year.

They brought the traitor in🙄

‘There is no protection at Frogmore, there is no one living there. There are costs of at least two or three private protection officers and to make sure the estate is policed adequately by Thames Valley Police.

That should freak everyone out, they are underfunded as it is. 

The Grade-II listed cottage, near Frogmore House, is 200 yards from the publicly accessible Long Walk, increasing the need for tight security.

Grade I, shambles but it did undergo improvements recently 

The cottage has been used as rented accommodation for members of the royal staff and had fallen into disrepair.

A ‘special note’ on the application states it contains ‘sensitive information’ and that the usual plans, architect’s drawings and other documents have not been made public.

They paid attention yesterday, thank god

It is understood that the couple hope to turn Frogmore Cottage into a five-bedroom family home, with space for a nursery and a live-in nanny. They currently live in two-bedroom Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace.

Didn’t they want their pillow to grow up normal ~ follower sent this in as potential names ~ Polly Esther and Fiber Phil

A Kensington Palace spokesman said the costs of any substantial building work would be covered by the Sovereign Grant, which is ultimately funded by the taxpayer.

Citizens, veterans are homeless and hungry. The NHS is overworked and underfunded but these two are unhappy with a small house. They have St James Palace, Buckingham Palace, Clarence House. They allegedly have a 2 -year lease in Cotswold. They are selfish and want more.  Horsefeathers! 

Decorative work inside the cottage is expected to be paid for by Harry and Meghan, whose wedding cost the public purse £3.4million.

Officials from the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead have already approved a planning application to refit the cottage and install two ‘orangery’ extensions.

I want to see those plans, when is enough, enough?  Moving Doria in , lies, lies and more lies

The plans, approved in July, also included permission for a bedroom to be built above a studio in the grounds of the cottage, meaning it could potentially be used as a luxury ‘granny flat’.

Did anyone see that yesterday? Roof and drainage 

A further planning application was submitted in October after it was announced that the duchess was pregnant, and it has yet to be approved.

It’s all primarily and not set in stone yet. 

The application seeks the council’s permission for internal and external works at the cottage, and ‘landscaping’ in its grounds but no further details have been made public.

A note on the file states: ‘The application contains sensitive information and therefore the public register is not accompanied by any forms, drawings or supporting documents. The application will be advertised in the usual way but there is no additional information that is publicly disclosable.’

A planning officer who approved the first application noted that parts of the cottage and the studio had fallen into disrepair.

The official said original features including fireplaces had been removed and internal stud walls added to divide the cottage into five rented units, used by Royal Household staff.

At least they are trying to get down to the bottom of it. 

Queen has ultimate responsibility

In your response to the post, “Prince Harry & Meghan Markle summation continued,” you responded, “It’s not the Palaces’ fault.” I am not sure how you can say because the way I see it, the blame lies squarely on the Queen. The Queen is the one in and with the power. She is the one that broke centuries-old protocol to allow MM to attend Christmas mass. She is the one that approved the marriage back in March. She is the one that bestowed the titles “HRH” and “Duchess” on MM. She is the one that took MM on events with her and on her train. The list goes on. But the worst is she has been allowing the British tax payer to foot the bill for this entire diabolical charade. And all for protecting her family. I get that family comes first, but at the huge expense that the British tax payers are shelling out? Where do you draw the line between protecting your family and protecting the very people you swore an Oath to God to protect? I saw in an article this morning, PW and PH did very little work events last year, with PW at 209 and PH at 171. Yet they live the lives of Riley off the tax payers for doing very little. I don’t know what is really behind this whole MM diabolical mess, but it seems the only ones suffering are the British tax payers.


Listen, I agree with you; this shouldn’t have been allowed to go this far, IMO the longer they do the people will turn on the Crown.

When I said, It’s not the Palace’s fault, it was meant about the wedding it’s self the articles slammed the Palace for not helping MM more, she didn’t want any help, because it wasn’t supposed to go this far. During the engagement video, they both claimed that wanted to do it on their own.

Notice the huge difference between MM and Eugene’s wedding. MM went and had 5 or 6 invitations printed; they were worded completely wrong. Tumblrs & anons debated and compared from previous Royal weddings it was hands down wrong.

My complaint is that the “I’m not an insider” insiders, most likely PR’s, what they have said that she used coercion an ultimately manipulated Harry into this. What is so damaging that they would spend so much money to hide an embarrassing secret about the Royal family members? It’s also claimed that outside influences put her up to it and financed this ruse. What is the ultimate goal?  I see humiliation and disrespect going, and they aren’t going to dignify it.

We have to endure it, when is the press going to call them out on it?

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎