Sussex Squad attacks Catherine and William

No, you don’t, it’s a hot button talking point. Better too stay silent because it doesn’t involve them. The Cambridge’s are comfortable in their skins, and they help the under privilege all the time.  This is a US problem and some cracked pots in the UK that didn’t get their way because of BREXIT.


Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have some royal engagements today

Prince William and Kate Middleton put on a united front amid royal Megxit fallout: Couple head to Bradford for first joint engagement in MONTHS at community project that ‘strengthens bonds between grandparents and grandchildren’

You can watch the Royal Event on the front page, I’ve made the royal family channel sticky.  The Cambridge’s keep the stiff upper lip and do their duty for their country. It’s ironic that it’s about grandparents even though this event was planned months in advance. 


Anon submitted: DM – William & Kate in Pakistan

In Diana’s footsteps: Prince William and Kate Middleton don traditional Pakistani outfit as they retrace his mother’s 1991 visit to the Himalayan foothills on the second full day of their historic tour.

How sweet, but they need to lay off Diana, IMO the brf treated her like crap, right?  Why do they keep doing this over and over again?

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It’s beautiful, why would anyone want to ruin traditions?  George Soros? Why?

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Kalash tribe women wait for the royal couple during their visit to the Bumburate Valley in Pakistan northern Chitral District on October 16, 2019. – Prince William and his wife Kate flew near the Afghan border to visit a remote Hindu Kush glacier on October 16, after a morning spent trying on feathered traditional caps and luxurious shawls in Pakistan’s mountainous north. (Photo by FAROOQ NAEEM / AFP) (Photo by FAROOQ NAEEM/AFP via Getty Images)

Thank you Sarri, 🌸😎🥰

Who do you think sent in the info?

Who do you think sent in the info?

Anonymous said:

JD, I don’t like Meghan, but it’s strange how people believe every terrible blind item Enty posts about her and NONE that he posts about Kate. I guess we all believe what we want to believe.

Those wedding earrings made an appearance at the Easter service after…

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Anonymous said: I’m so done with MeAgain and her PR games.

Anonymous said: I’m so done with MeAgain and her PR games.

Anonymous said:

I’m so done with MeAgain and her PR games. I dislike Harry for bringing her into the royal family. I loved to follow them but Harry and Meghan totally ruined it for me. I love the Cambridge’s but not even they can save this mess anymore.

Thank you anon! 🌸😎

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