Money, money, money … LOL

The Steele Dossier is not true. /The New York Times/ It’s the first liberal publication which admitted it. Everyone can read for themselves.

Agreed with the previous anon. Lets back to our main topic. I always believed MM wanted A list celebrity life in the US. Maybe the first time the money was not as great as she was hoping to be. A child is an opportunity to ask for more?



MM blamed Harry for dating her and her missed opportunities, and he damaged her credibility as a booty call. Which she was full of shit and she didn’t like the movie script he got her about the footballer’s wife, remember that one? She turned it down.  MM was out for the golden ticket.

When she made the recording she crawled into bed with some political operatives, that’s the backers, ahh is that why JD is posting all the political stuff, yes!

Those people (Mi6) one-off, The Integrity Initiative is from the video I posted and I made it sticky to the front page.  They have influenced our elections with BS, they threw money at the entertainment industry to push narratives.  PR companies to push out propaganda against MAGA, Trump, metoo, times up. Because he was never supposed to win, Hillary would have gone to war with Ukraine against Russia.  They didn’t want Brexit either.  They don’t want Trump for a second term.

We all wondered how she was getting all this support online, helps to have an army of people consisting of fake bloggers and tweeters. The US, Russian and now I know the UK have them or at least hires them.

I didn’t want to believe London Scoops, I thought it too far fetched.  It’s not, but this all interconnected, the global elites changing the European Landscape one immigration ferry at a time.

Assange has the goods on the Democrats dirty dealings with sex trafficking and extreme child abuse. Putin is alleged to have told Trump about the swamp he needs to drain. Pedo’s beware there is a special place in hell just for you.

Markle wanted fame and glory, plus money, her tell-all will be a sensation all while trashing and spending the UK taxpayers money.  MM is making the BRF look bad and robbed them of their mystique.  I guess the backers got what they wanted?

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PS: you don’t have to participate in political discussions, that’s why I have categories. I never thought I would be discussing politics but had the category because I know at one time I would at least get a few.  This site is not dedicated to MM.


Mueller Report~ Timing is everything

Read the Mueller report. It doesn’t say what you think it does. Mueller didn’t indict him because a sitting president can’t be indicted. He also says that he didn’t want to say he was guilty because he has not had a trial where he could defend himself. He then goes on to say that only Congress has that authority and they should continue the investigation. He makes it very clear that Trump isn’t innocent, but he doesn’t have the authority to charge him. It’s all there in the report and I think all Americans should read it.

The heavily redacted report we can agree is for national security reasons, and there is more than Russia involved in this, MI6 is engaged. Do you have to ask yourself why the UK is involved? Watch the video I posted.

Great find! it’s long but please watch! UK propaganda machine

You need to watch this, MI6 never wanted Trump to win, he wasn’t expected to win, and Brexit shouldn’t have happened either, but the people have spoken we will not be sheep. Our voices have been heard with our votes, and we demand that the higher-ups respect our decisions and get on with it.  To the Integrity Initiative, I say shove it!  Stop the propaganda farms and paying Hollywood PRs to lay plans out for the global elite.  They should have got Meghan Markle a job! Or maybe they did, think about it.

Julian Assange gets his extradition hearing on May 2nd, founder of wiki leaks that leaked Hillary’s emails that includes Podesta and Hillbrant and the lot over their insatiable pedo appetites.  That’s draining the swamp in DC and Hollywood.  Why do you think they are attacking Trump so hard?  It’s not because he is gruff; he knows their bullcrap. I believe the Washington elite better watch out.

I’ll make the video sticky on the front page, and I encourage all to watch it, it’s enlightening.

Democrats will find a backlash/political suicide if they continue to pursue this to impeachment.  You will have your chance to go to the polls and vote him out. Personally, I like how things the way they are, better gas prices, confidence, low unemployment.  Those are hard to beat.  I didn’t vote last time, I couldn’t decide, but I know now who I’m going to vote for Trump.  A lesser man would have crumbled; he didn’t, I’m impressed.

Anon submitted: Podesta wikileaks warning sensitive


Judicial Watch: Clinton’t Unsecure Emails

President Trump~ The Coup has failed on a sitting president of USA

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