Im Black American so for me its not a racial . The Queen of the World title didn’t match the content. just plain off, no! I cringed watching, quite weird, strange even, unauthentic, forced, contrived, too much emulation, MM accent going in and out, the staff looked uncomfortable. Who sponsored this? They should never do another documentary EVER! No thought put into the sequence edits. Am I wrong? Did I miss the purpose? Why so much MM PH? Was this BRF PR for Brexit? btw, whats Brexit lol?

I just finished watching it, and if you follow my blog, I have many documentaries I’ve watched.  Although I love to see the Royal family at work and am interested in them as people it was peppered in with MM damn veil, Like give it a friggin break already! It was a commercial for a person that’s done the least worked. Let’s make it about Markle, not that it was Kind George’s vision and the immense amount of work the Real Royals have put in over the decades to unite people.  

Ms. Thang and her whatever accent she has developed wearing the same dress from right before the wedding. This woman hasn’t worn the same thing twice, so I get where people say that’s from right before the marriage.

Brexit, people voted to remove themselves from the European Union. They didn’t have enough representation as a country. They were basically told you have to take these illegal immigrants and support them when the health system is overtaxed, and jobs for their own people are at stake. It is destabilizing economies. Outsiders have contributed to groups against Brexit and may be pushing toward a republic. Which I pray never happens.  That’s the condensed version and my view of the situation. 

I don’t care what’s the color of your skin either. Having a good moral character and love in your heart that flows to the people. This is what I want to see. Like it has always been, Dignified and respectful.  

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎🌹