Kate and William are fine~ Isn’t anyone Married out there?

I’ve been hearing these nasty rumors that Kate and William are not getting on well, I can confirm that’s bullshit! When you get married and have children, your focus is on children.  What did you want them to do make out?  I’ve been married 21 years and no we don’t hold hands, there are smooches here and there, you trust one another.  That’s the comfort of marriage.

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The lovey-dovey stuff happens in private, and No, there wasn’t an affair with Rose! Good Lord man, please, it was a nasty rumor spread by we suspect MM for this.  No wonder why she got a chilly reception on the balcony.

Here some advice for Meghan Markle, the privacy of the Royal Family is paramount, people who leak the rumors can’t be trusted.  Prince Harry is still with Meghan, and it doesn’t appear to be any break up coming anytime soon.

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The feeding frenzy must stop!  Please realize the Royals are based on rank, and they are stoic and respectful.  Couples must act accordingly.


Meghan Markle is not that important in the scheme of things. She had her time with the whirlwind engagement and wedding. Time to move on and get to work.


The Queen’s children will come first.  It was the Queen’s birthday celebration with her military forces. They act like the military, disciplined!  Something the new duchess refuses to yield too.  Never enter into marriage lightly, you also marry the family, and in this case, the country.

Thank you, JD 🌸😎


Happy Easter/Passover🐰✡ Royal Family Easter

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anon submitted: What does this picture have to do with MeAgain


What does ^^^ this picture^^^ have to do with Megain? Read on.

Why might the Obama’s be avoiding Megain and Harry? Harry and B.O. were said to be friends, share the same globalist agenda–which means ending the BRF (which Harry may or may not agree with)–could it be that he has no issue destroying the institution that, perhaps, he believes–destroyed his mother?

There can be no REMAIN and a globalist agenda fully implemented in the UK as long as there is a royal family. The first thing the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia did is murder the entire Russian royal family. Destroying cultural icons and historical monuments is vital  to the globalist agenda and complete control. The Bolsheviks went on to murder over 30 million Russians. That makes the 6 million number of the “holocaust” pale in comparison–but that’s another story, for another day. (I covered this, in part, in a previous post). Strange but true, the majority of Jewish immigrants to Israel, are Russian. In a few days I I will be making another post about the Russian Jews in Israel in regards to George Papadopolos’s newly released testimony.

But back to today’s story:

Fact: in order for REMAIN to be 100% successful in gaining complete and total control over UK assets and folding them into a “common culture” with the EU, the culture of the UK must be destroyed, and it must be the PEOPLE who call for it, angrily, rabidly, to get rid of the Royals, once, and for all.

As reported, Megain sought an audience with M.O. Surely it would have been an amazing “two powerful black women meet and discuss their power” photo op? But that didn’t happen. What else could it have been? Two sides of that meeting were reported, one side said M.O. was delighted to spend time with our precious Duchess, the other side said M.O. could not have gotten away fast enough and told Megain to mind her place, so to speak. Odd that. Isn’t that sort of like a House *igger telling the field *igger to get back to the fields? That was a very strange response. Why on earth wouldn’t two powerful black “women” join hands against the raciss colonialists?

With Megain’s close associations with known major international blackmail schemes as explained in my other posts, perhaps she was “leaked” some information on the Obamas and so that she could seek a powerful ally and induce them to support her?

M.O. isn’t stupid, she recognized a loose cannon when she saw one, and shunned Megain, as well she should have. Her autobiography “Becoming Michelle Obama” completely changed her pregnancy narrative to “miscarriage” and IVF. There are no pregnancy pictures of M.O. and what infant pictures that were said to exist are now 404. I am shamed for not having saved the evidence at the time, as one look at the photos above makes it patently clear where the Obama girls came from.

One who looks can easily discover why M.O. had “issues” with pregnancy. Personally I believe “she” was born intersex and cannot naturally give birth. This is not much of a secret, Joan Rivers notoriously muttered “that’‘s what we have with Barack Obama”…when a reporter asked her if she thought a transgender would ever be in the White House….weeks later Joan Rivers was dead…having died during a “simple dental procedure”. There are many photos and videos that make it clear M.O. is of dubious gender. That’s not really a problem, is it?  If you are honest about who you are, but pulling off the greatest hoax the American people have ever fallen for? Excellent work. It’s like Cory Booker faking a relationship with Rosario Dawson, when everyone knows Cory Booker is gay. Being GAY is not a problem, lying about it is.

It was widely rumored that Harry’s close friend B.O. would attend his wedding and the screaming about NOT inviting “raciss” Trump (as if Trump would even want to) was LOUD and rampant. As we know, the Obama’s didn’t show and we don’t know if they were invited, but not having them there seems to have been a good idea considering that Megain is trying to pull a M. O. birth of her own. M.O. didn’t get to where she is by letting field *iggers get too close.

However, other people known to have used surrogates, such as the Clooney’s (really George? aren’t we well past lavender marriages or are you planning to run for office…did that dead Italian boy kill that idea? I hope so) were at the wedding. That odd lot of celebrity non friend guests at her wedding–and every one of them has something to hide. (See my post about Oprah and John of God). I think we can skip discussing the activities and “happy” marriage of the Beckhams…it seems that nearly all her celebrity guests have, in some way or another been closely connected to blackmail rumors, associations with the very same people Megain loves so much such as SoHO house, Epstein, Brofman’s and Jessica (oh she of Epstein Island pay times, see my other posts for this story.)

Was Megain prepped for this role, and the control of others by actually being given the “blackmail sauce” on these people? Perhaps she strong-armed the Clooneys a bit TOO hard and the tables were turned on her. I found it incredible that Amal Clooney was given quite the honor from PC, although their dear friend Megain was noticeably absent. Is PC still in clean-up mode? Because the real truth of Amal’s career is easily found–she’s a mere Jr. attorney, unremarkable in all ways. Though, there is no doubt she’s looking to rise a bit higher. Thanks Megain. Sharing your secret with powerful people looking to be let into the fold, backfired this time, didn’t it? You left your beleaguered FIL no choice but to “honor” her.

A long time ago, the world was curious about M. Obama’s pregnancies and birth. The original story (of which now, not a single trace can be found), stated that M.O. gave birth at home with her children delivered by Anita- Blanchard Nesbitt pictured above. I know what I read all those years ago and was stunned to find, that today, when I wanted to write it up–in response to a post about Obama “following” Mio on twatter–everything M.O. ever said about giving birth at home, is gone. Every. Single. Word. She is now said to have given birth in hospital in Chicago, but the wording is a bit shifty when it comes to WHO delivered her. Oddly Megain has also put it out there that she want’s a homebirth. There are NO birth records for the Obama girls in any public source. Finding evidence of B.O.’s misuse of social security numbers has been easier than proving Sasha and Malia were ever born.

The earliest article that mentions a birth is a 13 December 2008 NYT article by Jodi Kantor entitled, “Obama’s Friends Form Strategy to Stay Close,

The article talks about  Obama’s closest friends in Chicago, among them Valerie Jarrett (troublesome on her own) and Martin Nesbitt, a black man who is now, according to the article, a “real estate executive”. Nesbitt’s wife is Dr. Anita Blanchard.There are numerous photographs of the Nesbitt’s traveling with the Obama FAMILY and vacationing together. Strangely, the article does not state that Blanchard delivered the Obama girls, rather it says, “Mr. Nesbitt’s wife, Dr. Anita Blanchard, delivered nearly all the children [of Obama and his closest friends in Chicago], and the adults became their godparents.” Currently all articles / wiki now state that M.O. gave birth in hospital.

Who are the parents of the “Obama girls”? Sometimes, a picture really does speak a “thousand words”. Megain better tread carefully on who she blackmails.

B. Obama is currently in Germany. Rumor has it he is looking to be appointed head of the UN. That would be tidy. From that position he could continue to torment the man (Trump) who is dismantling Obama’s open borders, NWO plan for the US. But also of concern may be what Trump and his investigators have uncovered about UN blue hat activities (African troops in particular, stationed in Haiti post earthquake), the Clintons and Obamas.

WHY did B.O. follow Mio? A 3rd rate gossip writer and hanger oner? One can only speculate, but if I were B.O., I’d be keeping a close eye on this. What Megain knows might not stay a secret if she is unable to pull off her own birth scam.

Oh, what a tangled web.


UT WAIT, there’s more. (see previous blog)

I hadn’t researched too closely for links between Megain and the Obama’s prior to Harry. But here she is in all her “gory glory” with Obama. This picture alone shifts my “theory” a bit. But it also strongly supports my feeling that Megain was sent in to DESTROY the royal family and was armed with blackmail info to do so.

Was the talk about inviting the Obama’s to the wedding talk, were they invited? IF so it was wise of them to decline. Who is that man in the background giving Megain the side eye? And why? Has B.O. had his salad tossed by Megain in Toronto? Possible. Rumor has it Justin has “enjoyed” her company. Are there tapes? (there are always tapes).

As the walls begin to crumble around these top level blackmail and control cabals, the connections between the “leaders of the band” are unraveling. When I finished my previous blog just minutes before seeing this picture I wondered but did not search out any links between MEGAIN and Obama because honestly, the “friendship” between Harry and Obama seemed enough. But here it is.

Anyone putting it about that Harry is a poor innocent victim of a vicious social climbing twat, is controlling the narrative. Harry is not innocent in this, although, he may well have changed his mind as to how “far in” he’d go. The drive to protect him from what is surely going to be nuclear fall out once this blows up in their faces is dishonest. Harry needs to go to Malta or Africa and stay away from the family until this giant turd on the face of the Royals has had time to dry up and blow away.



Anon said: why does anyone give a damn about BRF ?

Why does anyone give a damn about the BRF (BARF). The secret is out. Every YT channel is talking about the harvesting of children’s blood at $8000 / liter so they can live longer. Torturing children for hours on end to raise the levels in their adrenals do they can eat or inject adrenachrome in their system. They are sick, psychotic people who want to destroy all of us. Wake up!!! They deserve Markle!
Well thank you for your opinion,  I absolutely disagree with you! Have a great day 🌸😎

Omid Scobie ~ On Heir Podcast ~the Royals~ More engagements for Harry & Meghan

Charles and Meghan Post

Charles and Meghan Post

Anonymous said:
Charles and Meghan?! Charles AND MEGHAN?!?! I needed a moment to recover. Personally, I call bullshit. At least not as the reason for all of this. Now would Meghan try her luck with Charles (or William or anyone with more power/money/influence than Harry) now after snaring Harry? Yes.
== I hope you read the entire post?? Of course, it is, that’s what it says in the post. It’s for…

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Charles and Meghan Post

Charles and Meghan?! Charles AND MEGHAN?!?! I needed a moment to recover. Personally, I call bullshit. At least not as the reason for all of this. Now would Meghan try her luck with Charles (or William or anyone with more power/money/influence than Harry) now after snaring Harry? Yes.

== I hope you read the entire post?? Of course, it is, that’s what it says in the post. It’s for shit and giggles.

Right, MM is shady enough to try. We saw her looking at William, and the look on Harry’s face is priceless at the church.  Harry was pissed another time and when she spent to much time with the clergyman.

MM is good, who knows what she does to men, some kind of infatuation potion JuJu juice, lol?  I don’t don’t get it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve had people tell me in a PM that it’s Voodoo powder, hmm okay.

Thank you, anon 🌸😎JD