Meghan Markle Made Her Mark

Prince Harry is ‘easily influenced’ by ‘determined’ Meghan Markle, royal author claims


“I don’t think she wants to be constrained by the royal demands and the royal way of doing things.

“When Archie was born, when the wedding was arranged, the way they now control extraordinarily their PR and these rumours of them going to Cape Town in South Africa, it’s all about an individual Meghan-led operation.”

HAHAHA, Cape Town is it? 🙄 Sure Jan, get your safari gear on you’re going to look terrible in khakis., this may be a good thing after all.  This what Harry wants out of life and if she can’t be part of that well, she has some decisions to make.

I agree she is pushing all the wrong buttons and if you leak you’re done, so buck up poor loser,  put up and shut up.

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Anon said: Someone’s throwing William under the bus

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘won’t slot in line’ and be ‘controlled’ by Prince William as Fab Four split, royal expert reveals

I could pile on the sensationalism and tell you all sorts of nonsense to keep you coming back for more, but it was always planned that when Harry met his wife, they would be absorbed by BP or CH.

William and Harry were always competitive, but Meghan is a control freak and IMO vindictive. That needs to be watched, and I’m glad they are under BP to allow W&K to blossom at KP because it was told to me, it was like walking on eggshells with MeAgain around.

The press dubbed them the fab four, and the press dubbed MM a vegan she was never a vegan, she chose to eat vegetarian a few times a week.

Hopefully, becoming a mother will mellow her out, LOL

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Prince Harry ‘has sidelined anyone who voiced reservations about Meghan Markle’

The Sun and back at the DM, oh wait, the Express! It’s one big slap fest! We told you so and I’m the troll 😹😹😹😹

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MeAgain is getting rid of all of Harry’s friends

MeAgain is the typical narcissist. Getting rid of everybody so she can control Harry. She’s scared that they tell him the truth about her and that he starts thinking for himself again.

This is rich! I posted the other day about Inskip!  MM ghosted him publically, ouch! Inskip and Lara had Harry’s back at the JA wedding, and MM crashed it that’s why she didn’t invite them to the evening celebrations, what a bitch!  Harry had called it quits in at the end of September 2016 and was worried she would crash the wedding and she did!

It was told to me that Meghan left the next day after the Skip and Lara wedding, “it’s not like he kicked her to the curb.” MM proceeded to photoshop imaged like she was really there all week.

That is not Harry in the green trunks, and MM people said it was and it told that there was a shot on the balcony, but that was never produced. Notice the wall?  It was part of the Frankinstined pictures.  I’m missing pictures of the girls trip MM did that show sprawled out drinking wine and the wall in the PS pics are in the background.



MM friends with her live-in boyfriend, Corey. Lainey perpetuating the lies
Harry is having an anxiety attack. They put them away from other guests since MM brought paps to the party

This is the real picture of the raft and rope taken from the hotel website, someone got some explaining to do!

This is what Harry really looked like that weekend!

reality vs. photoshopping

This one doesn’t have the security rope!

MM smokes, stop the making her out like mother Theresa, it’s legal

Harry is told that paps are in the water

No wonder Harry’s friends said don’t marry MEAgain
Lord, it’s hard to be humble! 🙄Everyone loves a good love story, 🤣
It did MeAgain! You are building a massive brand, and I helped! Wait for my bill 🤣🤣🤣

Meghan Markle drunk and we suspect high. Anons said they smelled like stale beer and cigarettes
Not to Happy Harry with MM making a spectacle of herself
Daily Mail, Yikes

They knew!

Yes, I’m trolling MeAgain today with info dump! On this day, This most sacred day, this garbage is being pumped out!

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The Sun~ Did the Duchess try to share the baby’s gender with us?

Something funny happened when I saw this article, I better up my reading glasses because I swore for a second it said, Did the Duchess try to shave her baby’s gentiles. We know Harry said facial hair but WHAT!!!

They should have asked if MM considers calling Archie the pronouns they, them, there and them because it seems very popular with Hollywood celebrities.  Parents please, allow your children to decide who they want to be, don’t force them to be in therapy for the rest of their adult life.