Sun- Royal Photographer Arthur Edwards predicts Harry will rejoin the Royal Family

I agree! I don’t agree with Prince Andrew 


Epstein ‘boasted he was selling Andrew’s ‘secrets’ to a Mossad spy

SPY CLAIMS Jeffrey Epstein ‘boasted he was selling Prince Andrew’s ‘secrets’ to a Mossad spy and called him his ‘Super Bowl trophy.’

OMG, It’s the gift that keeps on giving in this article! 

“Epstein was a bragger, a boaster,” Hoffenberg told The Sun.


“He always explained to me what he was up to. He acquired his first royal connection in the early nineties, he told me about it. He got it from [Ghislaine] Maxwell and used it substantially. That was the Super Bowl to him, it was the most important relationship to him.


”Epstein did meet Prince Andrew around 1991, this was said to me by Epstein. Epstein was very pleased with meeting the prince and it was in the UK.


“Epstein knew he could manipulate Andrew. That’s a solid fact. Epstein’s ability to manipulate was extraordinary. If he wanted to, he could have been the President of America.


“Andrew respected Epstein highly and was tremendously impressed, so that’s what made him vulnerable to Epstein.

“This was a trophy friendship, it was his strongest bond, even more than Clinton’s.”


Epstein was Narcisstic Psycopath without a moral compass; I’d put him in my serial killer/rapist category.  He is a confident hunter, and he knows how to manipulate his prey.  He should be considered at the top of the bunch with Son of Sam, Bundy, BTK.

Jeffrey was tops because of his total control. He was swimming with other Narcissistic people and made them live-out their fantasy at a huge price.  Some were powerful politicians, titans of business that dared to grab forbidden fruit.

Cameras were set up in all his houses, his private plane, nicknamed the Lolita Express, and Epstein threw parties for his high profile friends, providing a roster of younger, underage women, Hoffenberg said.


“He told me that Ghislaine Maxwell was going to be the breakthrough to bring him into that orbit – to be able to part of the agency in Israel – and that’s what did occur,” he said.


“They created the plan of installing the honeypot cameras and had taken over the house in Manhattan [given to him by his billionaire client Les Wexner] to blackmail the politicians.


“He then took over the house in Florida and put in cameras. The cameras were to record rapes, it wasn’t just about gathering intelligence, but compromising the politicians.


“When he befriended Andrew, he had a deal with the Israelis to gather the intelligence and information from people who Epstein took into his homes and his plane.


“I remember Andrew was at many of his events when he took over the house in Manhattan, that was in the early years.


“He got tremendous power and influence from Ghislaine, using that intelligence to socially climb, with Trump, Clinton and Andrew. Andrew didn’t understand he was being used, he’s a royal so doesn’t look at that.


“He would discuss tactics with me speaking of Andrew as a trophy, a tremendous friend and benefit in his social network, he’d brag about it. It was a big, big, big issue with him.


“This guy [Andrew] was seduced by Epstein, totally overwhelmed by him, so impressed with his authority and way of life, his fast lane. He is one in a kind of people. Clinton was brilliant with people, but Epstein was far above that level.


“Andrew had a weakness for the girls and fast life, Epstein provided that fantasy. Andrew would then give intelligence that Epstein would give to Israel. This was happening when I was working with Epstein.”

Jane Moore from The Sun says those paps will have free reign now

For when, as predicted, they head to LA — either to live or to do business — do they seriously think it will be “a peaceful life?”

There are more than 500 paparazzi there and, as one veteran photographer describes it: “You get the shot or you don’t eat. You have to be creative and aggressive and think two steps ahead of the celebrity.”

And therein lies the rub. Largely stripped of his royal status, Harry is now a common-or-garden celebrity who has to take his chances with the rest of them in the jungle of hustling for work amid bustling premiere crowds.

So . . . “a more peaceful life” outside the protective environs of the monarchy? Dream on.

But then, deep down, one suspects that Harry and Meghan both know that and are simply using it as a smokescreen for the real story.

His wife was homesick, found royal duties restrictive and dull and wanted to return to her old life with royal knobs on.

And because Harry loves her: “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.”

Harry has been ‘grumpy, sad and bad-tempered’ since marrying Meghan

MARKED OFF Prince Harry has been ‘grumpy, sad and bad-tempered’ since marrying Meghan Markle, royal expert claims

We’ve all seen this, the Bi-Polar Harry syndrome miserable with Meghan and cool and fun without her. As a Royal watcher, you have to call it out, It’s Meghan! What else could it be? 

JD 🥰

Anon Said: Racism isn’t to blame for Meghan’s soaring unpopularity

THE SUN SAYS Racism isn’t to blame for Meghan Markle’s soaring unpopularity — her treatment of the Queen and taxpayer is

Megxit lies

WHAT is it that leftie nitwits still cannot grasp as they blame racism for Meghan’s plight — and lazily defame the most ­welcoming nation on Earth?

Skin colour has nothing to do with it. She and Harry broke the simple contract between the Royals and the public: We pay the money. They do their duty.

Many of those attacking our people and Press simply don’t understand the deal. This entitled pair want the lifestyle without the work.

And they have treated the Queen abysmally — as well as the taxpayers who bankrolled their lavish, ­joyous wedding and their luxury home.

Meghan’s soaring unpopularity is down solely to that. She could shore it up, if she still cares, by admitting racism played no part.

There is no evidence it did. But then it suits her political soulmates to pretend there can be no ­reasonable objection to her behaviour.

That may change once her case against the Mail on Sunday begins. It now seems her father was shabbily treated by this “woke” couple too.

And that Meghan’s pals used the dastardly Press to put out her own manicured version of the story. Indeed that seems to be all she thinks journalists exist to do: her PR.

JD 🥰

Anon said: Meghan’s private texts could be released in court case

MEG’S BFF BOMBSHELL Meghan Markle’s private texts to best pal Jessica Mulroney could be released in bombshell court case

Oh 🤬

Meghan claims it was misuse of her private information and breach of copyright but documents filed by the paper argued she was behind a smear campaign against her estranged father, who currently lives in Mexico.


The defence papers filed at the High Court state the newspaper will seek disclosure from Meghan of her exchanges with her friend Jessica Mulroney, reports The Guardian.

n the defence, lawyers for Associated Newspapers state she “did not have a reasonable expectation of privacy” for the letter’s contents because there was “no mutual understanding” between the duchess and her father that the correspondence should remain secret.


The defence states that the newspaper will seek disclosure from Meghan of her exchanges with her friend Jessica Mulroney about allegedly providing information to the media to influence what was published.


Legal experts questioned the strength of the newspaper’s defence, but also whether Meghan and Prince Harry would want to put themselves through such a painful courtroom ordeal of cross-examination by a top-flight QC and demands for disclosure of personal documents.

I don’t think she is going to show up. I think she expected them to settle for money she so desperately needs. See Meghan doesn’t have any money of her own and used the elephant money for the lawsuit.  They keep saying she has millions is a PR lie. 

Jess Mulroney could find herself in hot water and that little job she has with morning TV gone! 



Anon said: Sun article about Harry

ROD LIDDLE Maybe in a year or two Prince Harry will wake up and think: Crikey, what have I done?

LMAO, this is great! You have to read it! Ron Liddle is very snarky 

What you need to do is get something called a “job”.


If you get one of those they give you money which you can use to buy things — a house, some Pot Noodles, a Hot Wheels car racing set — anything, really, within reason.  Remarkable, isn’t it?


I think it’s fair to guess that the Royal Family are not entirely happy with her right now. So she’s hacked off her new family much as she’s hacked off her own one.


He seems to spend half of his time crying. And he also seems to have swallowed whole the air-headed, ultra-woke, touchy-feely drivel his wife has imported from the United States.

Harry and Meghan are the oppressive King and Queen of Woke

LEO MCKINSTRY Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t victims – they’re the oppressive King and Queen of Woke

IF there were a national competition for self-pity, Harry and Meghan would wear the crown.


Rarely has there been a public couple more addicted to whingeing.

One of Meghan’s closest confidantes said at the weekend that the breakdown was “only a matter of time”, adding, “With Meghan, it has to be her way or the highway.”

She has certainly done a demolition job on Harry. Before he met her, he was a lovable, fun-loving scamp.

But now he has become a self-pitying bore, full of politically correct opinions and misguided celebrity ambitions.

In the humourless world of identity politics, victim status is something to be craved. That is why Meghan and Harry are so desperate to achieve it, however unjustifiably.

Watching his sad transformation, I recently wrote this little limerick about him.

“Harry was a bit of a joker

He loved a game of strip poker

But since he met Meghan Markle

He’s lost all his sparkle.

He’s just become woker and woker.”