Boo Hoo Harry

The processional march in the Abbey came down to a who is going to win moment for the Harkles. I believe they felt “taking a stand” as to who was going to march in with the Queen, was a victory. It was not.

Set aside for a moment that they did not march, because a future King chose to rise above the” Harkle Histrionics” and step in with this wife, the future Queen, and not march with the Queen.

There was probably a great deal of sulking when H and M realized they were not in the official procession, and may have even said they would not even go if they were only seated. Once again, the Harkles have not taken the long view.

William will not be vindictive towards his brother, but he will never forget Harry’s actions. When he rises to Prince of Wales and controls money from the Duchy, his memory will kick in and that will be the beginning of the purse strings tightening. The problem is that H and M have such a short term view of all their decision making, they do not consider the future, just what can we get now.

How can we squeeze them now? Royalty is not about the present or the now. Royalty is about a 1000 year Monarchy and maintaining standards of duty and honor, and the legacy of what it all stands for. None of the things Harry and Megan stand for… they have no royal aspects to their nature, they are common, so they should not be part of it. Royal blood does not make a Prince. What makes a Prince is standing for something like duty and honor.

A Lion King premiere over the Royal Marines service, calling out your Grandmother over the Internet over what is Royal, lying about your Brother having an affair. No, Harry is not a Royal in the true sense, to an observer, he and his wife are two very self-indulgent bottom feeders.

US officials warn celebrity instagram endorsements

This could why she shut down the tig not bc of Harry. 

Nothing to do with Harry, she’s not out of that game yet, don’t count her out just yet. This article is very informative, start cracking down on these folks, earning up to 

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