Phoney Meghan used to praise her dad before she met Harry



Thomas Markle slams Meghan and Harry for ‘insulting’ the Queen and Brits over royal brand row

Speaking to TMZ from near his home in Mexico, Markle blasted: “I’m very upset with Harry and Meghan right now.

“[They] don’t have a right to speak to the Queen the way they’ve spoken to her. I think it’s an insult to the Queen and the British people.”

Markle, who has repeatedly slammed the couple after being shunned from their wedding in 2018, went on to say Meghan and “dumped” him and is now “dumping the royal family”.


The Sussexes are angry at Thomas for asking Doria for help

Prince Harry and Meghan ‘furious’ at Thomas Markle for dragging mum Doria into public spat



Don’t think the Sussexes are in a position to complain considering they constantly use Doria for PR and the r card. Meghan isn’t better than her father even though she thinks she is.

‘Without him she’d be a waitress’

Samantha Markle says Meghan needs to apologise to her father Thomas and be thankful for the ‘amazing life’ he has given her

‘In all fairness and honesty, I think she has demonstrated no concern for our family and the royals,’ Samantha Markle said.


Samantha added that their father had given Meghan an ‘amazing life’ and that he shouldn’t have to ‘grovel’ to speak to her.


‘Screw her reputation, she needs to be an adult and do the right thing,’ Samantha said.


‘I’m hurt for my dad… That’s my story and I’m sticking to it and she owes a lot of people apologies.’




TMZ/Fox special – Sussexes

Thomas Markle says Meghan has been left ‘mothering’ a ‘very insecure’ Harry and she’s taken the rap with the scrutiny – as he slams the royal couple AGAIN and says he wishes they could reunite

Inside TMZ and Fox’s new special Harry & Meghan: The Royals in Crisis. It’s about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to leave the royal family. And features interviews with Thomas Markle and Piers Morgan.

Thomas Markle says Meghan has been left ‘mothering’ a ‘very insecure’ Harry’

Thomas Markle believes his son-in-law Prince Harry is ‘very insecure’ and that his daughter Meghan is publicly taking the brunt of the criticism for her husband.

Markle, a retired Hollywood lighting director, appeared to stand up for his daughter in an interview for an upcoming TMZ special – Harry & Meghan: The Royal Crisis – set to air on Fox on Wednesday night.

‘I think that Harry is a very insecure man and I think that’s being shifted on to my daughter,’ Markle said.


‘I think she winds up mothering him.’


In the special, Markle said that despite their public feud he wished the best for his daughter and her family.

‘I hope that they stay together and love each other and take care of their child, my grandson,’ he said


‘Even if I never see them again I wish them the very best. I still love them.


‘I hope that some day we do get back together but I’m 75 so there isn’t a lot of time.’

The hour-long special is expected to include interviews with more than a dozen people who have ties to Harry and Meghan.

It will also focus on the moves Harry and Meghan have made to move into the entertainment world now they have stepped down from royal duties.

Among those interviewed in the special are:’s editor-at-large, Piers Morgan, Ryan Seacrest, Dr. Phil, Mark Cuban and Lisa Vanderpump.

Seacrest compared the couple to the Kardashian family and the reality television empire they’ve built.


‘I think that the Kardashian family has built extreme interest in their lives. Obviously there’s massive interest in Harry and Meghan,’ Seacrest said.


‘I know the Kardashians made a pact with the family when they started out on this journey to be open and honest and show the good the bad and the tough to the public.


‘Whether Harry and Meghan want to do that, need to do that or have decided to do that remains to be seen.’

Harry & Meghan: The Royal Crisis airs on Wednesday, January 29 (8-9pm ET/PT) on FOX.