Thoughts Anon! Why is Harry always out with the Family?

Thoughts Why is Harry always out w the family now? He is a Markle, and he brings shame to them, and he and Gayle can hang now.  He’s no longer Royal to me.  I don’t associate him with royalty just Gayle and the makeup artist.
The queen wasn’t smiling at his wedding like she was today I think he’s trying to get back in good graces w his family but after that special last night why are they nice to him Where was doc today 🙁
God only knows what is going on in their minds, this is a failure, and they need to come to grips with the 💩show is a failure. The more they parade Harry around and the more so-called privacy with blatant PR for her Royal pain in the ass, the more people are going to turn against Harry and Meghan.
Strangely its making the Cambridge’s look good!  Which I like.
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They are picking up their baby in Morocco


Rebecca English tweeted a bit ago that the trip has been extended from 3 days to 4 days, no explanation. They also have an entourage of 9, including medical staff. Rumors are swirling that she is in early labor or that it will be reported she will be in early labor when they return to England. Xo Thoughts

Hey, Thoughts! The circus is back on again, oh joy! I can’t wait for this one.  Will they have a two-day shopping trip ahead of meeting the king?

I dig Rebecca and all my royal reporters, and I wish them a safe journey.

Picking up a baby and she is 6 to 7 month pregnant, NICU incubator for a month or more. MM is truly a Jackass. They are fighting like cats and dogs on the plane.

There is going to be tension, and she will have no clue why people are yelling at her.  Look for Harry to have disparaging looks.


thank you anon 🌸😎

Thoughts~ the Queen has not say in Brexit

A connection to royals isn’t going to affect Brexit the Queen has no say in that. So that is not an issue. As for Clooney, his star has faded been a while since he had a hit and time moves quickly in H Wood. I think maybe Amal wants a knighthood (Dame) and might be silly enough to think hanging with Megsy will help her?

Hey, Thoughts!

Yes, I get that, Why are MM trolls using this?  It’s a stupid tactic other than to humiliate.

That’s Right! Now, George looks for any opportunity to keep himself in the spotlight. Who knows what Amal wants, but that could be plausible.  These people need to know that it takes years to be knighted. Is she even a citizen of the UK, I don’t know much about her, I really don’t care about these two, lol.


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More random stuff

Hi JD,

I tend not to be a conspiracy person, so I don’t think that the DM is colluding with her. The British are more reserved in what they say than Americans, so the criticisms all come from reading between the lines, and as you just said in K’s post, she either is too dumb to figure it out or wears it like a badge of honor. I loved Jan Moir’s piece in the DM tonight, and Piers said it reservedly. Maybe they are getting pressure from BP to hold off?? The RF is woefully unprepared for MM and her army of social justice warriors. They won’t be able to make her care about things that have no value for her (like approval from HM or the public or the press).

Ok, so this might sound weird, but I think the Express is signaling to us readers what they really want to say without actually saying it. If you read tonight’s headlines, they say everything. The actual stories cover completely different subjects, but I think they might be cluing us into what’s going on behind the scenes. This might be wishful thinking, but here they are: “Meghan Markle WARNING: How the Queen ‘is worried about NIGHTMARE situation with Duchess’,” “How ANGRY William had to protect ‘harassed’ Kate,” “Meghan Markle latest: Will birth of baby trigger further DRAMA?,” “Meghan Markle WARNED about baby shower – ‘Not the way Royals do it’,” “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Morocco trip hit by VIOLENT PROTESTS,” “Royal FURY: How Queen Elizabeth II was ‘UPSET’ with Prince Harry,” “Meghan Markle baby shower ends in disaster with guests left stranded,” “Revealed: the STAGGERING amount Princess Diana earned from divorce.” Am I the only one who sees it?

Take care of yourself xo, Thoughts


Thank you thoughts, very well worded, but can you see why I ask about the Daily Mail, first on the scene, always taken the Markle’s interviews.  It’s legitimate to question; they do all her merchandise. They asked  Peter to contact me and lie like a rug, no research, exclusions of statements, doxing.  That is not a conspiracy; it’s a reality.

Now, the Express has given us clues that they were Markle’s sugar media; we even got a tip she was using them.  I like the Royal Reporter Richard Palmer, I think he is a stand-up guy, but he didn’t author any of the material written to incite sister inlaw against sister in law.

We already knew that when the story begins with Duchess Meghan, it’s one of her stories, we have been told.

Markle had a heavy hand in this; she can choose to say no, don’t do this, so far she is on board.  Markle is the cause of all the ill will.

I do agree with you that the Royal family are not prepared for the Social Media War. It’s coming; they are setting up the narratives that  BRF supporters want to do MM harm, no they don’t.  In over two years I’ve never received one threat against her, a bad joke, some bad taste, but nothing of the sort.

The Royal family need crisis management, and fast,  this is avalanche headed their way.  The blogs are prepared to hold the line and we will, but we need some guidance.

Let me ask you, how much longer do we have? Give me a good guesstimate?  I need to get all my ducks in a row.

I’ll go get Jan Moir she is really good!

Thank you thoughts, 🌸😎

Miscellaneous observations & disgust

I think she looked tipsy/drunk in the pictures of her coming out of the Polo Bar on Tuesday night. Look at her eyes; she looks like she’s trying too hard to look sober.

I also think the cost estimates of her trip are very conservative. High-end restaurants & cafés in NYC are more expensive than the DM lists. I live in NYC, and there is no way the Polo Bar cost less than $250 a head for food and drink, and that’s if they kept spending in check, which you know they didn’t. The Surrey and Laduree? Forget it; there’s no way they spent only $25, more like a minimum of $50 each. Same goes for the flowers and catering. I think it’s entirely possible that the final tab – just for HER, not her friends included – is more in the $600,000 plus range.

She also clearly did a lot of tweaking while in NYC – fillers, new weave, botox. I think her nose looks different too? Ethical doctors will not do botox and fillers on pregnant women; they could lose their medical license. They certainly will not perform surgery on a pregnant woman.

I am waiting for Piers Morgan or someone, anyone, to write an opinion piece about how vulgar, obscene, inappropriate and out of touch, this trip was. Why hasn’t it come yet?

Glad you’re back JD, I missed you yesterday. Hope all is well, xo Thoughts


Hey, Thoug.hts!

We know how expensive the Big Apple is, where you can rent a walk-in closet for 1,200 a month. The most expensive real estate on the planet and those restaurants and hotels have to charge that much to make money.

Meggie the mercher just had to be pretentious and stop some of the most expensive places and merch her clothes and the hot spots. This was a well planned and executed.

Meg has zero shame spending millions of taxpayer money on both sides of the pond.

Did you read Enty’s Blind, that her gifts are party favors after the child arrives? All my friends including my self think she is using a surrogate.   Why not drink and do whatever?  Meghan doesn’t care what you think; she’s getting off on it.  The more we talk about her, the more she is going to do this. The only person who can stop this is Harry.

Let me ask you, Do you think the DM is in on with her? Are they complicit?  Is this all part of the show?

It would break my heart if Piers were involved in this somehow.

The family circus is adding more pressure to the BRF. It’s almost like they are sending extortion signals, PAY MEG big bucks now!  It reminds of the creepy Stephen King movie where the guy takes the children and leaves the townspeople devasted during a noreaster The Storm of the century.  The entity knows all their lies and uses it against them. “Give me what I want, and I’ll go away.”

I relate through music and movies to help me describe this situation.  Any feelings I have a song might pop in my head. I think this should be our theme “Give me what I want, and I’ll go away.” See tipster say she was offered a generous amount of money but, maybe not liberal enough.


Thank you thoughts, 🌸😎

PS: I’m under the gun personally with a bigger place that I have to finish the restoration before we move.  Plus I have to sell this place too.  Pain and exhaustion are setting in. We love where we live; the community is awesome.  It’s worth it!  You guys are on my mind all the time.


It’s thoughts Anon! I want to get your thoughts on how Diana would have reacted to all of this

Hi JD and Vintage, I want to get your thoughts on how Diana would have reacted to all of this. I feel like Meghan got lucky with Camilla, who seems to be a hands-off stepmother who leaves everything to Charles. I can’t see Diana being okay with the merching (especially the claims about Grenfell 100% going to charity when Meghan owned the copyright) and Meghan’s fake humanitarian desire to piggyback off of Diana’s legacy. Diana obviously had her own issues and past with the press. Thoughts?
Diana wouldn’t have let this get this far, and she would have clawed her eyes out and read the reports on her and talked Harry.
If she didn’t die, Harry wouldn’t be like this at all.  This is another tragic effect of Diana passing, I know some may not agree, that’s my opinion.
Thank you thoughts, 🌸😎