We do accept tips, buy us a cup of coffee

We do accept tips, buy us a cup of coffee

We noticed that many have ad blocker and that’s okay, we understand, but we bust our butts day and night for $4.95. lol

Please be kind and drop something in our tip cup on https://jerseydeanne.com to those people who have loyally taken care to ensure this website goes on thank you so much. 💋💖 it’s safe and private with PayPal, we don’t save any information. Your donation will remain anonymous.…

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JD Clarification Please

Are you now saying your tips coming in are telling you the pregnancy is real? Based on what?


No, I didn’t say pregnancy was real, ever, NYC said before the wedding that they would announce a pregnancy around Eugenie Wedding. Tips came in August she was going to do a fake pregnancy/miscarriage for sympathy making her number…

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14 Reasons Why You Should Never Tip Servers 20%

The stories had a guy whistle like he was calling a dog and then called me sweetheart, I said firmly, calling me sweetheart is a term of endearment you have not earned, the entire floor heard it, the businessman paid well that day.

A couple came in and order 2 strawberry margaritas, as I turned to walk away, he threw a penny at my head.

Best tip, cocktailing in Florida, beautiful man gave 100 for being me

Weirdest tip, old school mate that I didn’t recognize but I came to his aid when kids were picking on him, he was drunk and calling my name and said remember the back of the bus? my work mates were in stitches, he threw a 50 at me and said thank you 

Meeting Josh Duhamel at my bar before he was famous, my friends are cousins of his, he is so beautiful!

14 Reasons Why You Should Never Tip Servers 20%