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We noticed that many have ad blocker and that’s okay, we understand, but we bust our butts day and night for $4.95. lol Please be kind and drop something in our tip cup on https://jerseydeanne.com  to those people who have loyally taken care to ensure this website goes on thank you so much. 💋💖 it’s safe and private with PayPal, we don’t save any information. Your donation will remain anonymous. look for the coffee cup on the front page.   Vin wants a new wig and I Like to get ads out there …

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JD Clarification Please

Are you now saying your tips coming in are telling you the pregnancy is real? Based on what?   ===================================================================== No, I didn’t say pregnancy was real, ever, NYC said before the wedding that they would announce a pregnancy around Eugenie Wedding. Tips came in August she was going to do a fake pregnancy/miscarriage for sympathy making her number rise.  Pay attention to anons, I received Private messages with tips.  Better?  You decide what you want to believe and come to your on conclusion. Share what see, there could be …

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14 Reasons Why You Should Never Tip Servers 20%

The stories had a guy whistle like he was calling a dog and then called me sweetheart, I said firmly, calling me sweetheart is a term of endearment you have not earned, the entire floor heard it, the businessman paid well that day. A couple came in and order 2 strawberry margaritas, as I turned to walk away, he threw a penny at my head. Best tip, cocktailing in Florida, beautiful man gave 100 for being me Weirdest tip, old school mate that I didn’t recognize but I came to …

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