Henry Cavill Man of the Year GQ ~ Germany ~video

https://www.menoftheyear.de/videos/movie-international-henry-cavill   Advertisements

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odd article in April 2016

odd article in April 2016 https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/apr/08/tom-cruise-east-grinstead-scientology Hi JD. I thought I’d send in a link to this odd article I just stumbled upon taking into consideration the date it was published – April 2016. It mentions the Church of the Scientology wanting to “overshadow” Buckingham Palace – whatever that means….as if. But you never know how many connections behind the scenes to the MM debacle there may be. Just wanted to add it to the haystack. Thanks. Thank you, let’s leave that one out.

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American Made Tom Cruise

I rented this tonight, and I can say it was fabulous, it’s Tom! He gets into his character as one of the cocaine cowboys Barry Seal of late 70′s-80′s. The stamina and drive of these pilots, its genius. Working for both sides the CIA and the Cartel. The amount of money that still might be buried out there must be tens a millions of dollars. People and governments are still looking today. 

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