Inside Scientology’s posh UK headquarters where Tom Cruise is hunkered down with a Michelin star chef and luxury accommodations during the coronavirus crisis – and where he may be moving once its all over


Henry Cavill~ Might be doing another MI7or 8!!

Henry Cavill~ Might be doing another MI7or 8!!

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I went searching and found this, let’s hope he is.  He had high energy with Tom Cruise. I was hoping for something in Top Gun.

Thank you @culinary16 for bringing this. 🌸😎💋

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Tom Cruise ~ Top Gun – Miles Teller

Tom Cruise ~ Top Gun – Miles Teller

I was really hoping that Henry Cavill would get invited for this project, but I’m glad he didn’t. Witcher will be great for his career, this approx 1-hour show and they ordered 10! That’s is amazing that requires amazing stamina to do all the stunts.  Henry going to be spent when this…

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odd article in April 2016

odd article in April 2016