I think the worldwide consensus is …is that Megan Markle is a worldwide liar. That being said I believe that I side with the view that MM set up her own Father with Jeff Rayner of Coleman Rayner (pap shots of Dad Markle in Rosarita) to purposefully catch him out and expose him.

How would Dad know where to contact Rayner to show him how interested he was in his preparations for the wedding. I think Coleman Rayner instilled in Dad Markle the idea this would be fun, give a little publicity to the wedding, etc. Megan knew exactly what she was doing by doing this.

She never wanted her father to walk her down the aisle. He did not have the “Look” she wanted. She always wanted William (who refused I would bet) but at least Prince Charles.

She had to set him up to do something wrong she knew she could fall out over. If she always wanted him in the wedding why not bring him to LA where both parents could all meet Harry, they could discuss plans for the wedding, clothes could be altered. But she hung him out to dry, in Mexico on his own and completely unsure of his role or place in the formalities of a Royal wedding!

Quite frankly, if she really expected him to walk her down the aisle she would have least taken him to a Dentist in LA and gotten him some teeth! She did not do any of these things…she never wanted or planned on him either being there or taking any part in the wedding. He was an embarrassment to her (she apparently forgot what an embarrassment she was in her own life to her own family) so again she fell back on what she always does…she lied, she lied, she lied, she lied, she lied. That is probably what caused him to have a heart attack. He realized she never really loved him, but only used him until she could “Markle” him out of her life.

I agree with this anon, She set him up to fall, I wish Tom Markle nothing but the best and I’m sure Sam Markle will go after Meghan Markle for this. 


Markle Be Gone…

I think I speak on behalf of planet Earth, when I say, the day Markle’s reign of terror on us all comes to an end, will be such a welcome relief. Then she and her crapster of a family can go off, and we can finally get on with our lives.

I find it very hard to feel sympathy for Thomas Markle. He is one of the most flip-floppy types to ever (unfortunately) grace the cover of any tabloid. He doesn’t give a fig about The Queen, or the BRF, or the after effects of Markle and Harkle’s cluster fuck of a mess. He only cares about himself, and expects his children to service him, as if they are a trio of Minions from Despicable Me.

He also is just a complete creep, as he has some very weird ideas of what constitutes a healthy parent and child relationship. Must be the first person I have ever heard state he didn’t have his child aborted, because it was deemed socially unacceptable, and he was so blaze about it – ugh! His documentary was so cringe worthy. Whether he had a heart attack or two, I don’t know. But, I am pretty sure a post heart surgery diet of no exercise, takeouts, cigarettes and alcohol does not help matters. He reminds me of those old school patriarchal male-types who are all about appearances, looking good, and presenting the perfect fatherly outlook.

He is also incredibly needy, emotionally manipulative, and rather immature for a man in his 70’s even. But, the three Markle apples do not fall far from the money hungry and self entitled tree.

The train wreck of this family which came as part of Meghan entering the world wide web, the BRF and the PR puff pieces we see on a hourly, and daily basis, is just beyond anything I have seen before.

I cannot wait for all of this to be over, and once it is, Meghan will be no more. Also, her family will have to find other means of income, because no reporter or tabloid will talk to them then…

Makes me very thankful to not be part of such an abusive, toxic and dysfunctional family.

Tom Tom the UK don’t want M and H, in fact this world does not want any of you Markles.

Only a Markle would exploit a world wide deadly pandemic, but then again, they exploit everything else to make a buck!

YAY! I love your anon. They are all in it together. One big unhappy Narcissistic family! The constant need for attention is exhausting! The perpetual victims. Please go away!

Markle be gone sounds like bug spray


Anon submitted: Reuters: Mail on Sunday Statement

Anon submitted: Reuters: Mail on Sunday Statement

“The Mail on Sunday stands by the story it published and will be defending this case vigorously,” said a spokesman. “Specifically, we categorically deny that the Duchess’s letter was edited in any way that changed its meaning.”

[contentcards url=”https://www.reu…

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I’m still on the fence if the markle’s are in on


Its honestly my favorite part. Watching the sugars and neutrals spin this like they were a DJ at some festival. It’s so interesting because they say oh she loves her father, but I hope he burns in hell for doing what everyone else ways doing that’s still in contact with her. Thomas is gonna speak out and make it worse for himself in the long run, and this lawsuit seems like a huge bait dangling for him.



Call em out!!


Oh no but Meghan is not manipulative. She is just a sweet, poor victimized girl that the racist world won’t leave alone. 


A little rant…

The neutrals and sugars are already spinning this. Apparently Meghan has chosen not to include her father in the lawsuit because she’s taking the high road and she loves him? Except???where???

Let’s ignore the fact that she can’t sue him in the US because that letter is now his property (which I think is the only reason why TMsr hasnt been included in this lawsuit)

Homegirl has been sending jabs at her father left and right for MONTHS: grandparents picture with Doria, HMTQ and Prince Philipp, refusing to share pictures of Archie, not letting him see his grandson, saying she financed her uni studies through scholarship/on her own when she’s been singing her fathers praise on her old IG saying how great he was for paying her studies and so on and so on.

Let’s be honest this lawsuit and that statement are a joke.

I’m still on the fence if the Markles are in on it. The letter is from 2018, and they were loved up. It’s a trap for sure, we just have to figure out for who?  She may be drawing out her dad for the distraction & sympathy play. 

It sounds like the beginning all over again, we know Smegs wrote the last statement and dictated over the phone. Supercommas anyone?

Biting DM doesn’t sound right because they were more than happy to take copy off of Sunshine Sachs.  They could bury MM. 

Harry is in on it with her as long as Meghan has his ball in her purse. 

Anon said: Weird RF

Anon said: Weird RF

I think it’s really weird that the royal family does nothing about Harry and Meghan’s behavior. Now that they’re even snubbing HM so that MeAgain can go to NYC is ridiculous. She’s absolutely no family person. She doesn’t care about her family, and she doesn’t care about Harry’s family. It has to be all about her, and that’s also why she isolated Harry from his family. She really has relationship…

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Yeah right~ Papa and Meghan

Yeah right~ Papa and Meghan

If she really wanted to reconcile with Papa, she’d do it now and not announce it in the tabs. She is trying to do a charm offensive cause she realizes she is hated. Too little too late. Not to mention she wants that US tour so promising a reconciliation might be an incentive to give it to her as well as giving PR for a tour few in the US will give a shit about.

If you sincerely want to heal you…

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Radar Online ~ Meghan Busted! Dad showed the text messages!

Radar Online ~ Meghan Busted! Dad showed the text messages!

He showed The Mail that Meghan now has a “restricted” phone number, so he can no longer call her. Thomas sighed, “The number worked until a couple of weeks ago. I sent them numerous text messages and I tried calling. “This is not the…

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More Gaslighting!

Aida  submitted:

Thomas – Meghan

‘I’M VERY SAD’ Meghan Markle’s dad says he ‘loves her very much’ days after releasing explosive letter

Why does the press even bother anymore? This is gaslighting, and this is such a turn off to my English cousins.

I’m bored, and I’m not posting anymore Markle family crap!  Please…

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