The Daily Beast- Tom Sykes on Meghan Markle

The Daily Beast- Tom Sykes on Meghan Markle

First off, I’m not a fan of the Daily Snowflake or Tom Skyes, but here you go.

It’s utter BS, Meghan is a middle-age woman that’s been around the block a time or two.  She knew what she was getting into when she pushed Harry into marriage.  The grift is on full…

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worms turning

So Tom Sykes at the Daily Beast who has been a total MM sugar writes a sort of column that reports on negative news re: MM. He doesn’t for a change express an opinion.

something different from him so does he too sense the wind change?

Yeah, who paid and there could be a…

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Hey Tom! Thanks reading

Sykes is back with obnoxious articles. He describes Kate and Will as haughty because they do not wave to photogs and stop by the press pen to give the photogs a chance to snap them.  And he complains about Kate taking maternity leave.  

He calls Kate “boring.”  He is crossing a line now.  Attacking the future Queen consort and suggesting Meghan is the role model for royal behavior might sit well with his American paymasters, but it won’t sit well with the British.  Meghan celeb style is offensive to them for a royal.  

The pr is getting quite nasty now.

He lives in Ireland right, okay. Since I called MM boring and dull, now he’s calling Kate boring, HA horse feathers Tom!  MM is a small campfire, and Kate is a beacon of light. 

Thank you Love💖💖 

Re the daily beast article: maybe Charles has put his foot down in some way regarding the Harkles and so they are fighting back.


It’s interesting that the article mentions all of these prehistoric grievances like Harry’s pot scandal, but studiously ignores all of the Meghan drama and doesn’t even mention Charles’ upcoming ascension. I don’t think Charles cares about any of this stuff any more. He has bigger problems now. Ditto Harry and Will.

That’s Tom Sykes, and he has held a grudge against the boys since Eton, he got kicked out, and Tom has had in for Harry ever since. He regurgitating an article he wrote for the Daily Mail, last year. He is very bitter against the Royals, but give MM a helping hand, You have to wonder who is paying him? 

Meghan Markle’s Dad Seeks to Shame Her

Meghan Markle’s Dad Seeks to Shame Her

Rebuttal on the Tom Sykes Article

Racism as per MLK is when you judge a person by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character.  A lot of these claims that MM is being criticized because of the color of her skin are then racist because they refuse to consider the content of her character.  Te Dykes Daily Beast article is another example of that.  BUt then again they are not about to deal with the underhanded schemes  MM has engaged in.  They may not even know.  They may also be spouting a party line from her US pr.

I’d say MM’s behavior is the issue not class or race.  That article is claiming any complaints about her lack of common courtesy and decorous behavior is because of racism or classism.  But Kate – a white upper class woman – was criticized for the same things.  So Sykes and the Daily Beast are full of shit.  And probably paid by her pr.  She does not like the complaints about her bad manners. 

Excellent, thank you love💖💖