Brit doc claims imposter ‘lodged bid to block Harry & Meghan’s trademark’

A BRITISH doctor has claimed an IMPOSTER lodged the bid to block Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s trademark – hours after saying he did it for “personal” reasons.



Harry and Meghan’s attempt to trademark Sussex Royal blocked

Harry and Meghan’s attempt to trademark their Sussex Royal brand has been blocked after a complaint from a man in Australia.



Documents at the Government’s Intellectual Property Office show that a formal ‘notice of threatened opposition’ has been registered, this week.

The notice was sent on Tuesday and means Harry and Meghan could have to shell out in lawyers fees and other costs to get the right to use the name in the UK.

After registering a trademark, there is a period of ‘opposition’, when anyone against its use is first allowed to make this known and has the effect of extending the time before the trademark can be used.

It gives opponents the time to mount a case against its use, although they may decide not to object.

The period of opposition for Harry and Meghan’s application was due to end on February 20, but that period is now extended until at least March 20.

The opposition was filed by Benjamin Worcester of Victoria, Australia, who is believed to have worked as a doctor in the NHS in London from 2011 to 2014 and studied medicine at University College London.

It is not known why he filed the opposition.