Let’s catch up on Q October and more to come

I was moved to tears, and Trey is spot on, it’s up to all of you. God Bless this man.

Sure, Joe! Nothing to see here, RIGHT

GITMO for you, Joe!

Not on our watch!  2nd amendment the right to bear arms against a tyrannical government, Hillary Clinton

More to come, folks!


Trey Gowdy terminated from Fox News, say it ain’t so!

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Not to worry, he got a better gig working on Team Trump outside council.  This is a win folks! Trey is an extraordinary litigator.  We pray for the Trump Team to find justice for our duly elected president.  🙏🏼🙏🏼

Trey Gowdy has called it: “Disaster from day one”

McCarthy promises accountability as Barr reviews IG’s FISA report: ‘The closest we’ve ever seen to a coup’  — This time is Kevin McCarthy (not Andrew McCarthy) Some believe that Nunez, Gramm. McCarthy and others were briefed on IG’s FISA abuse report. Trey Gowdy has called it “Disaster from day one" 

Oops sorry, it feels like. LOL, It’s the name McCarthy that gets me every time. 

Yes, they are briefed on it and so is Jerry Nadler that traitorous fat bastard! How can they lie that badly? I’ve watched the committee, and I’m shocked how partisan this is.


Sara Carter has done an excellent job doing investigative reporting along with Judicial Watch Tom Fitton. I would love if Trey would run again.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎😘

This is the real truth, watch Trey Gowdy cross examine Comey

I believe this so important to watch to become better-informed citizens. When you go to pull that lever in 2020, please remember what you see here.


When Fox says there is fake news, it goes to the top of the heap in the FBI and CIA.  Hillary Rotten Clinton got a get out of jail card free because of their hatred for the duly elected President and then-candidate Trump!


Hillary and the DNC paid for the Steele dossier that was a work of fiction! These men above lied to a FISA court judge for wiretaps against Donald Trump.  It’s illegal to spy on American citizens, period. The people that were convicted with crimes go back to their civilian life and zero to do with President Trump.


Team Hillary hired GPS fusion to run this dirty scam so HRC could be elected. She had a billion in her war chest and still lost! Splitting our great nation. Obama and Biden knew all about it!

The Horowitz report is coming out, folks.



We will hear not just from Mueller. We will also hear from Horowitz and Durham (I suppose next year) Joe Biden should be ready to face tough questions.

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From the Fox video, this could get tied up with the FBI to be redacted for weeks, months because there is 20% is national security.


I wish Trey Gowdy were still there to conduct the interviews of the witnesses. He is brilliant as well as Matt Gaetz, and I love watching them work, they give me goosebumps, TRUTH!


No doubt they will come under fire with reverse accusations as I’ve witnessed throughout this ordeal. Who is paying for all this LARPing? I pray that the list of journalists on the take will be exposed.


The socialist/commie party will intimidate, accuse, promise things that will never come to pass, and if we allow this to go to Washington will be the saddest day in our great country.  Massive unemployment, stock market crashes we will be ripe to be picked off by China.  Don’t allow this to happen.


Thank you anon, I do appreciate your ask. 🌸😎💋