She’ll keep the bots busy. The dislike for this woman is unprecedented. She is despised, and she’s destroying Harry’s reputation.




Just reblogging this as a heads up, if this is true.


Yahoo! Here comes the trolls again!  You lousy 🤬! 


Anon submits a link about HASBARA TROLLS

Okay thank you anon for this submittal, wow was that eye-opening.  I will post this small excerpt and everyone can decide whether or not they want to click on the box above to read the entire story. There are always many sides to a story, I ask that you research this yourself and post links in the forum where this post will end up.

Troll techniques

  1. Turn up randomly asking a question about Israel, trying to engage/educate.
  2. Guilt by association, they point to some source you are linked to as being anti-semitic or neo-nazi.
  3. Opportunity to redeem – the offer chance to recant from your naive ways.
  4. Smears and insults – if the top 3 fail then it’s just character assassination.
  5. Name bombing – using seo in blackhat ways to denounce and smear people. ie website with 37 mentions of someones name will prob get a Page one on Google.
  6. Hasbara trolls generally follow the rules of social networks, because they want to continue to influence people and subvert open and free debate.
This site offers freedom of speech, I want you to debate not tear down any issue.



Radical men

To that anon. Don’t be silly. No one is talking about ALL the Muslims. JD is talking about radical people. MINISTER FARRAKHAN is one of them. Is he a terrorist? No. But for years he has been using his power and influence and encouraging people on BOTH sides (the right and the left) to commit violence against Jews. Every time he opens up his mouth, he made it clear for his followers that he hates us, and we have no right to live. “I’m not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite.” I guess I am a termite according to him. Did Obama ever condemn his hateful speeches? Not once for all 8 years in the office. That’s the reality …


Thank you anon, I appreciate the support, and your right Obama never came out against this or the Rev Jeremiah Wright that hates white people.  I don’t know which white people but he hates them.  The white folks don’t appreciate being called white devils and honkies.  Cracker occasionally if done in the right context. It’s like anything, in moderation and context that makes a word more than the specified meaning.

I got to tell you, it pissed me off this morning see how many radical men think what happened to Note Dame is funny belongs in a zoo.  Really, what kind of people think that’s funny?  It’s heart-wrenching, its history, its art, it is a world treasure and no one should think this is an isolated incident because it’s not.  France has been plagued with people defacing, vandalizing and burning churches and synagogues. That’s a pattern and these people should be on a list.


A Couple Things..

My blog is deleted. And I’m not bringing it back. All this meghan bullshit, people are trolling and playing mad games. At this point I give no fucks if there’s a baby or not. People threatening JD, saying she’s been paid NO ONE HAS BEEN FUCKING PAID FOR SHIT. None of us has been paid shit, she runs this website out of the goodness of her heart. Too many trolls, so many games. Do you really think this chick is worth it? I bet you she is playing everyone, but we have these assholes that threat and start drama, and the ones that run to bloggers starting more drama. I’m officially done after this, I want nothing else to do with those people, and I’m sure JD feels the same. Enough is enough. Grow the fuck up.

Our regulars: we appreciate you so much. And we will be here as long as you would have us.

Much Love,

Vintage ❤️

Anon said: why are TP1 and DripDrop saying JD is Pro MM

JD, why are TP1 and DripDrop saying that you’re pro-MM? What am I missing? And aren’t those accounts fake anyway? Why does everyone believe they’re real?
Someone didn’t take their medication if they believe that, Drip drop has swallowed the Skippy pill and will believe anything.  Anon told me that they sent skippy fake information and she took it hook, line and sinker.  Drip drop person is now blocked, why did she say that I was bought off?  That I have a new House?   Her buddy sweet Pete chimed in the same.

What they didn’t know, I’ve been watching and I was notified by a real friend of the crap they pulled. 🤣🤣🤣

My husband and I don’t have a new house some people I trust got a picture of the house that we are still working on.  It’s in the same retirement community.
What is their motive? they are trolls and they are here to give misinformation to keep the shit show going.  Notice no Twinkies attack that account?
I wasn’t aware that TP1 said a thing about me, but this account is using Skippy’s post.  TP1 is trolling everyone.
You need to ask yourself,  they let her get away with everything, why would they stop now?  The child is coming and it will go off as planned.
These trolls don’t like that I call them out saying MM is with Harry, she lives with him. Lord Geidt is not MM minder, he is helping with the Queen’s charity, that’s it.  MM is not sofa surfing, she didn’t get thrown out of anywhere, she didn’t live with Emily or Mio.
MM is not sitting in an internet cafe blogging, the house is loaded with tech equipment.
This does not make me PRO MM, it’s a reality.  Do you know the best PR to get rid of someone, stop talking about them? Let them die of obscurity.  That’s how it’s done.
Thank you anon, 🌸😎💋🌹I appreciate you

Royal troll hunter wanted

Will they also hunt down all the Russian bots that were hired to post positive things about Meghan and insult/attack people who don’t like her? No? Thought so.

Buckingham Palace advertises for a £22k-a-year IT expert as royals crackdown on online abuse after aides were forced to spend hours blocking vile sexist and racist comments aimed at Kate and Meghan

Not for that price, you won’t find anybody, try 75k and higher!  My hope is the reporters and maybe some whistleblowers. These trolls have gotten out of hand.

Maybe KP should look at the Elephant in the room for a change.  Meghan Markle is responsible, and she could stop this today with one phone call.

This all started when MM was suddenly splashed on the pages of the UK tabs.  I can personally tell you that I was led on by a paid member of PR.  When NYC wasn’t there, I didn’t get trolled, but when she came back, I did.  Is that a coincidence or part of the problem?

PR agency involved were Sunshine Sachs, Hills  & Knowles Strategies. NYC husband is an Internet Tech; I didn’t know until spring 2017 that he was sending me anons all night long.  That’s when I tagged him. Let me tell you; these people have not left my StatCounter.  No one is going to outright admit to it.  Real police work should be called into action.

WE agency was involved in the beginning, they seemed to be on the side of the monarchy, but it’s hard to tell anymore. There is a dueling narrative to keep this shit show going.

There is MM gnarly side, and that is coming from Slough, Leeds, claims to be a law student, Alia Malik ties to the Noveau Camelot on twitter. Broke into this website redirected traffic to the tweeter mentioned above. Felix and I caught her and shut it down in July.  There is a lead!

Michelle Bell, Rachel Redd, there are two more leads.

If I can do this, someone else can, for christ sakes!  Find the IP’s contacts, twitter they will help them.

My trolls were coming from the NYC area Harrison, NY, North Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Brazil, Austria, Singapore, Washington state, Regina CA, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, LA, Atlanta. Guess who has offices in all the location listed?

Let me give them a piece of advice, turn comments off when getting trolled, they are bots, and the computer is faster then some can handle, it happened to me. I got them all saved on the blog.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

Meghan Markle, a con artist, a fake and a liar

A while back I sent an anon about MM hiring trolls. It was so obvious to anyone who was paying attention!

She also opened bogus Instagram accts to write racist messages to herself on her IG which she leveraged to get the statement. And all these ‘celebrities’ who tweet in her support, what’s there cut?

Because celebs get paid to tweet and post about brands, and we all know MM considers herself a brand.

So how much did Clooney and Beyoncé get paid? How much has MM paid in PR and who is footing the bill?

JD, Vin, Felix have all been here since day 1 and they got it right. We’ve been calling this con artist out since November 2016. Finally, it looks like someone is paying attention. I hope it keeps up. And I hope this pregnancy scam gets called out too.

It’s soooo obviously fake! Keep up the good work JD and Vin!


God Bless you, Anon! We will and we hope and pray people like Camilla Toimeny and Hannah Furness continue to dig for the truth.  None of this was necessary to do.

The internet should be a safe place to go and be heard. Death threats and acts of violence belong nowhere.  To do this for the fame game is disgusting.

The paid trolls have been around as long as we have been blogging about this. They don’t know how to put that genie back in the lamp.

What we need to discover is who is paying for this, as you said? We are close to finding out.  The arrogant think they will get away with this, they won’t.   They might be a powerful political PR agency, talent agency, international PR agency, a movement but they will all fall in the end.  Mind their own business when it comes to the decision of the people in which they don’t belong.

Embed from Getty Images

As fast as you climb the ladder you can fall faster and all those people will turn their backs when they find out they used an entire race of people over this nonsense.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎JD & Vin

They have just lost the tiny bit of respect I had for them…

Reporters contacting private citizens, blasting those citizens in their crap ass paper, for comments that are NOT HATEFUL OR ABUSIVE, asking us what do we know and how we feel. Acting all fucking nice just to get any info that they can to dox us, shady ass mother fuckers. They release this shit to protect HER? Now they come up with this shit? Where the fuck were they when we got picked on? Where are they now? Haven’t heard a peep from anyone about it, but this shit happens. I want nothing more to do with them, so don’t expect any posts about them from me. I am officially livid, and annoyed.