Anon said: Meghan and Harry bought some new IG Bots

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gain 500,000 Instagram fans in FOUR days after revealing their plans to quit as senior royals – and are now just 200,000 behind Prince William and Kate Middleton’s 10.8million followers.

Yep, it’s bots, look at how many likes they actually get compared to who follows them.  Sunshine Sachs is famous for LARPS, trolls, shills whatever you want to call it. 


Anon submits a link about HASBARA TROLLS

Anon submits a link about HASBARA TROLLS

Okay thank you anon for this submittal, wow was that eye-opening.  I will post this small excerpt and everyone can decide whether or not they want to click on the box above to read the entire story. There are always many sides to a story, I ask that you research this yourself and post…

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Radical men

To that anon. Don’t be silly. No one is talking about ALL the Muslims. JD is talking about radical people. MINISTER FARRAKHAN is one of them. Is he a terrorist? No. But for years he has been using his power and influence and encouraging people on BOTH sides (the right and the left) to commit violence against Jews. Every time he opens up his mouth, he made it clear for his followers that he hates…

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A Couple Things..

My blog is deleted. And I’m not bringing it back. All this meghan bullshit, people are trolling and playing mad games. At this point I give no fucks if there’s a baby or not. People threatening JD, saying she’s been paid NO ONE HAS BEEN FUCKING PAID FOR SHIT. None of us has been paid shit, she runs this website out of the goodness of her heart. Too many trolls, so many games. Do you really think…

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Anon said: why are TP1 and DripDrop saying JD is Pro MM

Anon said: why are TP1 and DripDrop saying JD is Pro MM

Anonymous said:

JD, why are TP1 and DripDrop saying that you’re pro-MM? What am I missing? And aren’t those accounts fake anyway? Why does everyone believe they’re real?

Someone didn’t take their medication if they believe that, Drip drop has swallowed the Skippy pill and will believe anything.  Anon told me that they sent skippy fake information and she took it hook, line and sinker. …

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Royal troll hunter wanted

Royal troll hunter wanted

Will they also hunt down all the Russian bots that were hired to post positive things about Meghan and insult/attack people who don’t like her? No? Thought so.

Buckingham Palace advertises for a £22k-a-year IT expert as royals crackdown on online abuse after aides were forced to spend hours blocking vile sexist and racist comments aimed at Kate and Meghan

[contentcards url=”https://www.dailymai…

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Meghan Markle, a con artist, a fake and a liar

Meghan Markle, a con artist, a fake and a liar

A while back I sent an anon about MM hiring trolls. It was so obvious to anyone who was paying attention!

She also opened bogus Instagram accts to write racist messages to herself on her IG which she leveraged to get the statement. And all these ‘celebrities’ who tweet in her support, what’s there cut?

Because celebs get paid to tweet and post about brands, and we all know MM considers herself a…

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They have just lost the tiny bit of respect I had for them…

They have just lost the tiny bit of respect I had for them…

Reporters contacting private citizens, blasting those citizens in their crap ass paper, for comments that are NOT HATEFUL OR ABUSIVE, asking us what do we know and how we feel. Acting all fucking nice just to get any info that they can to dox us, shady ass mother fuckers. They release this shit to protect HER? Now they come up with this shit? Where the fuck were they when we got picked on? Where…

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Anonymous said: It’s quite obvious that Meghan is doing her own thing

Anonymous said: It’s quite obvious that Meghan is doing her own thing

Anonymous said:

It’s quite obvious that Meghan is doing her own thing and doesn’t listen to the Royal PR teams. She’s pulling HW stunts. I’m glad that Wills is doing the right thing and separating himself and his wife from Harry and Meghan.
Again, it was all planned to go this way from the get-go.  I did say the article is full of speculation and my bet the palace will deny all of that as…

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