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Now Burns is not sure if the House even impeaches Trump

On Fox Nation’s “Deep Dive” Wednesday, Burns said that the “elephant in the room” is that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., opted not to ask the full House of Representatives to vote on the question of opening a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Instead, Pelosi announced that an impeachment inquiry had begun, breaking precedent regarding these proceedings.

“You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or an MIT professor to know that they didn’t do a vote because they didn’t want to have [Democratic House members] stand up in districts that were against it and have to vote for it,” said Burns, adding that some moderate Democrats are hesitant to declare their support for impeachment.

He predicted that Democrats will eventually abandon their impeachment push.

“I think they’re going to come out and [say]… ‘We do not want to put the American public through this type of debacle. However, of course, it’s fully warranted,’” Burns
From my understanding, he is saying if the full House doesn’t vote on the formal impeachment hearings, it will go nowhere. Does the House have a convincing case of impeachment? It doesn’t look like this. Otherwise, the House would have voted and impeachment hearings would have made public.


You are correct, it’s political suicide to try to do this when they damn well know Barr and Durham are about to turn everything upside down and throw it on the Obama administration that includes Biden, Pelosi, Killary, Schiff under the bus. 

See Hillary really thought she was going to win and those rat bastards would continue to pilfer Ukraine and anyone else they wanted Quid Pro Quo from.

Continue the endless wars while lining their pockets with millions for weapons deals. 

Career Democrats still have to be elected in 2020. They have to think, I’m going to lose my cushy power.  

I don’t care what party affiliation you are, this is wrong, and these clowns need to brought to justice. 

Thank you anon, let’s get the word out! 🌸😎🥰

I’m following the Trump impeachment inquiry,


I’m following the Trump impeachment inquiry, and in a way it’s a better drama than the BRF because it has people being just as petty as H&M but there are real issues involved. It made me realize that Meghan and Harry made something from nothing. Every famous person, especially women, gets disgusting comments on social media. Every family has people who don’t get along. Their problems aren’t special.

I am just curious. This impeachment is like a trial. If Trump lose it he resign. It is so confusing to me.

It’s not an impeachment; that’s what makes this such a drama. Trump hasn’t been indicted, it’s an ongoing investigation to get him politically. The Democrats know they can’t beat him 2020 election, so they are trying to manufacture anything.


The Deep state is the CIA, FBI, and top democrats that spied on Americans. That’s illegal!  There are some RHINOS too; they are involved up to their ears with the child pedo cases, like Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell.


The Phony foundation, like Clinton foundation, Clooney, Sussex, pay to play, making billionaires overnight.

Hillary Crazy Clinton, George Soros, and David Brock are the puppets pulling strings telling mainstream media a bunch of lies.


Many in the Media are on the take or being blackmailed into telling A Story, it’s not The Story. They are the backers of Meghan Markle to destroy the Royal Family.


Whatever the Democrats have done dirty, they throw on Trump, and as we dive into the investigation, we find the Obama/Biden Administration was doing Quid Pro Quo.


I posted the Tucker Carlson piece where Mark Zucker is fanatically telling staff that everything has to be impeachment 24/7, it’s all a setup! It’s on video! Zucker covered up the Matt Lauer rapes.


This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Anon said: DOJ is investigating Biden’s conflict of interest

Anon said: DOJ is investigating Biden’s conflict of interest

Republican senator says Trump’s Justice Department is investigating ‘Biden conflicts of interest, and possible corruption’ – but then insists he’s talking about different probe unrelated to former VP

They’re not…

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Anon said: DOJ is investigating Biden’s conflict of interest

Republican senator says Trump’s Justice Department is investigating ‘Biden conflicts of interest, and possible corruption’ – but then insists he’s talking about different probe unrelated to former VP

They’re not the same, the video of Joe Biden is enough, but the Russia hoax is entirely separate issue IMO.  That’s going to lead to separate charges.  I know it’s complicated.  The DM reporter is American and not sure how much we can trust the information on the DM; however, their readership is conservative. Watch for the larping I’m sure Sunshine Sachs people are out in droves. They represent the Clinton Foundation and Meghan Markle.

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