Were Prince Harry and Prince William indoctrinated into Evil



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Youtube: And we know

Thank you for the links they will be most helpful, and I’ll even make this sticky on the front page. That way, people can decide for themselves if they want to believe or not, I always give people a chance. You must understand that I must give you a hard time. I must be skeptical about this topic.  Since I’ve heard so much about Qanon, I’m curious myself.  People click on the boxes they will take you to the sites to find the information.

I want to know why the friggin numbers and who has time to write in code but I do think there is some plausibility in it after reading the Podesta emails and I was sickening by them.

Thank you anon for submitting, 🌸😎

Let me know in the comments or the forum what you think about this subject. Make me a believer!