Beautiful Synchronicity.! Thank You ❤

Your” Good Morning Post” is lovely JD , it was so thoughtful, and so full of love and kindness I woke up this morning to the sun shining through my bedroom window , it was so bright , so beautiful ,, I felt and knew , God is always present , bringing light to the darkest of places.

The battle we are fighting is both a temporal and a deeply spiritual one . Your beautiful post reminded me of this :

If I speak in the tongues of mortals and angels ,
but do not have love ,
I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal .
And if I have prophetic powers ,
and understand all mysteries and all knowledge ,
and if I have all faith , so as to remove mountains,
but do not have love , I am nothing …….
Love is patient , love is kind ;
Love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude.
It does not insist on its own way ;
It is not irritable or resentful;
It does not rejoice in wrongdoing,
but rejoices in the truth .
It bears all things , believes all things ,
hopes all things, endures all things .
Love never Ends .
St Paul .

Even in the most difficult of times we can still find love and joy in our everyday lives ,
With love , Kitty ❤❤❤


Oh,  Kitty this so wonderful, thank you for sharing this with us. 🌸😎🥰 We need more hope and love in this world.


Political Humor from truthandfreedom2020 on tumblr


It should by now be obvious to the meanest intelligence that the Democrats are determined to impeach President Trump with or without credible evidence. The “whistleblower complaint” that Nancy Pelosi used as the pretext for launching her impeachment inquiry contains little but hearsay and fabrication, while her claim that it proves Trump has “violated the Constitution” fails the laugh test.

House Democrats must impeach the President despite the near impossibility of securing a conviction in the Senate. Indeed, their need to do so is more urgent now than ever because of the booming Trump economy and the weakness of their Democratic presidential candidates.

As REP. AL GREEN, who has introduced several abortive impeachment resolutions, put it in May, “I’M CONCERNED THAT IF WE DON’T IMPEACH THIS PRESIDENT, HE WILL GET RE-ELECTED.”

Thank you for writing this, I thought I was alone for a while on tumblr with our President.  We need all the help to get the message out for our duly elected president.

Even if you don’t like this president this witch hunt could happen to future presidents. We must as people stand up for truth and our beloved constitution.

Even some people in CA (a deep blue state) are waking up.

Even some people in CA (a deep blue state) are waking up.

Trump savors California fundraising gold rush even as Left rules the state. Not everyone in CA wants open borders and free health care for illegals.

Nancy Pelosi is a tone-deaf left turn. She is in trouble for adopting this…

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Even some people in CA (a deep blue state) are waking up.

Trump savors California fundraising gold rush even as Left rules the state. Not everyone in CA wants open borders and free health care for illegals.

Nancy Pelosi is a tone-deaf left turn. She is in trouble for adopting this Socialist attitude. To far left even for the likes of California. Runaway! Leave the Dems!  Everyone can see the disasters coming if these bozos get the highest office in the land.


American citizens are struggling to pay for healthcare yet the Ding a ling in charge feels the citizens should pay for illegals healthcare and housing when there is an epidemic of the plague! Oh sure, dummy, open the borders create more drug addicts!  It’s becoming a toilet in Cali!


Perpetuating the lies doesn’t help, the ratings on Fox a cable news network is telling.  Most people are becoming informed that this witch hunt is because of Hillary and the DNC, how can we trust them to do the right thing?  We can’t, we must vote for Trump!


We need both parties to survive to make an honest government but where are they?  Nowhere!


Our country is being influenced by big tech Silicon Valley, countries that wish to do us harm, NGO’s, Globalists. We need to take back our country and say NO to these morons. I have read so many articles in Kitty Links to make my head turn round and round.  The elitist attitude is about their narcissistic dreams of superiority.  Oh, and they are alleged treachery being complicit with China on AI, artificial intelligence.

Read kitty links!

Your choice pandering racists or a patriot with a touch of sarcasm, I’ll take sarcasm with a killer economy any day!


Vote Trump! 


Thank you, squad member! God Bless America! 😎🌸💖💖

Thank you JD!

I have said from the very beginning that they’re in an arranged marriage, a relationship agreement and no one believed me because they didn’t understand why QE would allow it. Well, that’s the part that has yet to be revealed. But give it time. It will all be revealed. There is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed. And everything done in the dark will come to light. That’s not a maybe. It’s a fact. Major exposing is on the horizon.


I have goosebumps!  There is more to come about this woman, how she shopped around through Kruger and Cowne a recording of some sort and asked for a ridiculous price. Thirty-five million is stuck in my mind.  Murdoch said no, that came from an original source.

I know for sure that she does have a recording that she made one night before the relationship was outted over at one of Harry’s friend’s house. It was a wild party!  I do know the name of the friend.

Being honest is always the best; the truth shall set you free. I’m sticking to that; forgiveness comes with confession.  Harry chose to hide it, and now he pays the consequences.  It’s so sad😥 The worst is yet to come.

Have you met Twitter Twinkies? We are in for a rough ride.

I’m sitting on some stuff and I can’t decide if it is time yet.  I hope that she comes back and tells me to post them. 😉


Thank you anon, 🌸😎

Bloody Hell!

I only wrote that he looks happier when he’s alone doing engagements. If Meghan’s PR team has problems with comments like that, then it says a lot about her. Meghan is extremely thin-skinned and really demands that everybody likes her. Won’t happen.

That is a Narc for you, can’t handle the truth!  Harry is happier without MM hanging on him like a cheap suit!  These are valid opinions, you didn’t actively troll or harass, this was you telling what you felt and saw with your eyes! I see it too, and it makes me happy to see Harry Happy for a change

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You deserve a Happy Harry picture! 😁🌸😎JD 💖💖

Anon is not optimistic about the outcome

I don’t feel optimistic about the outcome of this mess. Harry dived into some sewers, and he is paying a heavy price now. I’d bet his family could get rid of Markle, but Harry is afraid of what she might reveal, so he isn’t helping.

How long does he think this show can go on before his future is destroyed completely and the Monarchy totally undermined? At some point, you need to remember there are things more important than hiding your secrets.

Everyone knows she’ll end up divorcing him and all these secrets will come out then anyway. It will be ugly and destructive. But hey Harry keeps digging yourself into the hole.

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This is something I’ve been saying since Jan 2017, and The truth shall set you free!  Harry may have had hissy fits on behalf of MM, but the powers seem to make them both stay in this because of the amount of money spent on the wedding.  Imagine an endless supply of word salad at 4 am, I’d be grumpy too.

Then tipsters are saying it’s a waiting game for Harry to decide to pull the plug, as long as he is docile to his bride she will keep plugging along but know this when he misbehaves is when the nasty stories come out.  Meghan Markle is a vindictive person.

I disagree with reporters that say a baby will make things better between them, like  WHY? That is a terrible analogy, and a baby adds more pressure to a relationship, the first two years of marriage is the make or break it time.

This relationship shouldn’t have happened, from day one MM was in it for her fame and notoriety.  We all know this!

Let’s keep questioning and have the conversations and share information. The better informed we are, the better we can combat the narratives coming down the road.

Thank you, anon 🌸😎JD



WOW!!!! SHOUTOUT TO @charlatanduchess

Mentioned all way through! This is great for everyone working hard to expose her!

Meghan Markle is rumored to be unofficially sidelined by the Royal Family. The 37-year-old former D-list actress’ name has inspired a group of “superfans” to threaten to kill people. One is an African-American woman who did nothing more than represent her half-sister Samantha Markle. With her status up in the air in the United Kingdom, Meghan was caught ditching the palace and secretly meeting Michelle Obama, which caused another big scandal. Don’t miss this.

When Meghan Markle set her sights on Prince Harry, she had no idea that mega-stardom would come with a price. By all accounts, including Britan’s Piers Morgan, Markle manipulated her way into the Royal Family. Poor Harry was too love-struck to notice.

And after eight months of marriage, the citizens in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth are not impressed with their new Duchess. The rash of negative press directed at the former Suits star proves she has become a liability for the Royal Family.

Part of the negativity is because Meghan has inspired “superfans”— a cult of unhinged fanatics who are on social media threatening anyone who dares to dislike the Duchess of Sussex. The Sun reports, “Calling themselves the ‘Megulators’, the online vigilantes are said to be waging a cyberwar against their ‘Megxit’ enemies – those who want Meghan booted out of Britain and the Royal Family for good.”

“Cristina Cain, 41, a PR who previously represented Meghan’s estranged half-sister Samantha Markle says certain Megulators have threatened to kill her and made her feel like she is being ‘watched’ every second,” adds the Sun.

All the violence toward the African-American PR representative is coming from the Megulators, and they caused her to contact the FBI and the Braintree Police Department in Massachusetts. She claims, “Megulators hacked my computer and [stole] my money.”

In contrast, those who identify as “Megxit” are a legitimate organized group on social media called the Charlatan Duchess, and they abhor violence and racism. The creator behind the Charlatan Duchess brand said, “I decided to create this group so people of the Commonwealth could come and share their concerns [about Meghan]. It took off and we literally have a brand – #TheCharlatanDuchess.”

She added, “We have many people here who are Americans. They follow the British and the history but are not hardcore monarchists or royalists – even if they have British lineage. They just know a narcissist and a person of nefarious intent when they see one [Meghan]. We comment and share articles, vent, speculate, sort fact from fiction – and stand in awe of these vicious, vicious people called #Megulators.”

And they have rules, including a vetting process so no one is admitted who is not confirmed as a real person. This ensures no trolls are allowed. Racism and any form of discrimination are absolutely off limits.

One member of Charlatan Duchess, Edith Mushore, an African woman in the United Kingdom, says she is offended anyone would claim the group has anything to do with racism.

A British member of the Charlatan Duchess group adds, “Meghan does not seem sincere and has made a habit of snubbing her nose at protocol and rules which is so disrespectful and culturally insensitive. For a self-proclaimed ‘global citizen’ she is very culturally tone deaf and displays no respect for her husband’s country, family or our traditions and least of all of the age-old RULE that the royal family remains totally apolitical.”

All of this outrage directed at the former TV actress is one of the probable reasons she sought out Michelle Obama when she was in London on her big book tour. Supposedly, the former first lady was shocked when Meghan just turned up, without prior warning.

The Daily Mail reported, “The Duchess of Sussex’s attendance was not reported at the time but reports emerged today and have since been confirmed by the palace.” In other words, Meghan once again ditched palace protocols and made her way backstage to see Michelle Obama.

This is the sort of issue the British people aren’t on board with. “We know Meghan’s political views and she does not have the right to modernize’ anything about this nation or its people or culture. That is the prerogative of us the British people, not that of a newcomer wife to what is a minor royal,” said a British Charlatan Duchess supporter.

This is why this “secret” meeting with Michelle Obama isn’t helping the new Duchess’ image with British citizens. And who can blame them? Those like the “Megxit” supporters are called racists and bigots. Those of us in America who support President Donald Trump know all about being branded racists. And it couldn’t be further from the truth.

So what type of conversation did Meghan have with Michelle? Well, according to People Magazine, this was the first time they had ever met, so catching Mrs. Obama off-guard must have made the situation rather awkward. It also doesn’t help with the rumors that Markle seeks high political office in the United States, the Daily Mail reported.

“Meghan was quite clear that she wanted to be president one day,” the source told the Daily Mail. She is said to have told a former close associate that her ultimate ambition is to be president of the U.S. The conversation apparently took place after Meghan began her romance with Prince Harry.

Kensington Palace hushed those rumors right away, but now that her new Duchess gig isn’t going so well, palace sources say she wants a publicist to deal with her bad press. “Meghan wants to hire a Hollywood publicist,” a source told Radar Online. “She’s losing trust in her advisors and feels they are hanging her out to dry.”

And the former Suits star has a problem with her pro-Meghan superfans, the Megulators, and they need to hear from her that violence and threats are not acceptable. Some are speculating that some of the Duchess’ old PR people may be allegedly behind the pro-Meghan Megulators since it was discovered they have no website and their Twitter accounts have no following.

And the PR representative Christina Cain says she called in a cyber expert who said “the same tech being used” by the pro-Meghan trolls who attacked her is the same that Russian trollers use to spread fake news.

This may be another reason the Queen is so frosty toward poor Meghan who can’t seem to get her act together. It seems she had no idea that being part of the British Royal Family means your job is to serve the people of the United Kingdom. Instead, she’d rather be served, and try to look pretty for the paparazzi.

Fake News

They take real news and add an angry twist to it to engage viewers to the point one went out an blew people up. These folks are in click business, that would be okay, but what they are selling you is so wrong and racist. I can’t get behind anything like that. 

No way!  The truth is what we seek.  Not Lies