Praying Medic- The End won’t be for everyone

I do have my favorites

Trust the plan!


It’s an open secret that Ellen isn’t a nice person behind closed doors


17,000 dead babies in shipping container

17,000 dead babies in shipping container

Beautiful Synchronicity.! Thank You ❤

Beautiful Synchronicity.! Thank You ❤

Your” Good Morning Post” is lovely JD , it was so thoughtful, and so full of love and kindness I woke up this morning to the sun shining through my bedroom window , it was so bright , so beautiful ,, I felt and knew , God is always present , bringing light to the darkest of places .
The battle we are fighting is both a temporal and a deeply spiritual one . Your beautiful post reminded me of this :

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Political Humor from truthandfreedom2020 on tumblr


It should by now be obvious to the meanest intelligence that the Democrats are determined to impeach President Trump with or without credible evidence. The “whistleblower complaint” that Nancy Pelosi used as the pretext for launching her impeachment inquiry contains little but hearsay and fabrication, while her claim that it proves Trump has “violated the Constitution” fails the laugh test.

House Democrats must impeach the President despite the near impossibility of securing a conviction in the Senate. Indeed, their need to do so is more urgent now than ever because of the booming Trump economy and the weakness of their Democratic presidential candidates.

As REP. AL GREEN, who has introduced several abortive impeachment resolutions, put it in May, “I’M CONCERNED THAT IF WE DON’T IMPEACH THIS PRESIDENT, HE WILL GET RE-ELECTED.”

Thank you for writing this, I thought I was alone for a while on tumblr with our President.  We need all the help to get the message out for our duly elected president.

Even if you don’t like this president this witch hunt could happen to future presidents. We must as people stand up for truth and our beloved constitution.

Even some people in CA (a deep blue state) are waking up.

Even some people in CA (a deep blue state) are waking up.

Trump savors California fundraising gold rush even as Left rules the state. Not everyone in CA wants open borders and free health care for illegals.

Nancy Pelosi is a tone-deaf left turn. She is in trouble for adopting this…

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Thank you JD!

I have said from the very beginning that they’re in an arranged marriage, a relationship agreement and no one believed me because they didn’t understand why QE would allow it. Well, that’s the part that has yet to be revealed. But give it time. It will all be revealed. There is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed. And everything done in the dark will come to light. That’s not a maybe. It’s a…

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Bloody Hell!

Anonymous said:

I only wrote that he looks happier when he’s alone doing engagements. If Meghan’s PR team has problems with comments like that, then it says a lot about her. Meghan is extremely thin-skinned and really demands that everybody likes her. Won’t happen.


That is a Narc for you, can’t handle the truth!  Harry is happier without MM hanging on him like a cheap suit! …

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