Aeltrileaf- Louder Than Love & Total Disclosure- Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington

Aeltrileaf- Louder Than Love & Total Disclosure- Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington

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90% of tumblr’s userbase is broke teens/young adults and everytime I go on this site I see at least one post from someone in a bad financial situation asking for money but sure people will agree to pay for tumblr

I have to pay for a word press premium, and that’s been good after it took me months to figure out. They do have free sites, but you have to pay for plugins and themes. I do love having categories that tumblr doesn’t offer.  It also comes with live happiness engineers available to help me 24/7.

If tumblr is catching up to make tumblr more competitive with WordPress, Reddit than we make way for progress. I pray they continue free speech even if it’s uncomfortable and unpopular. Some articles are offense, and we need opinions if you agree or wish to condemn it.

I did start on tumblr, and I do love the people that I’ve met from around the world. I think you are off, it’s not all young people, we have many over 45 blogging here. 

I believe tumblr had to realize this demographic has lots to say and has discretionary spending. After all, people are getting Ipads and androids that come with internet, and they see the internet for the first time, and they are hooked. 

As far as the porno, bye-bye, they belong on x rated sites, just my opinion. 

Extra! Extra! Q alert! CDAN tie in Aeltrileaf reports

Caught Up

If you think the wealthy pedophile has some names he can bring into the mix, you have seen nothing compared to the names the A+/A list mostly movie actress can drag into an investigation. In addition to celebrities, she can topple world leaders. A whole lot of those people she trafficked sure are showing up on videos and images that have been seen in recent child porn raids.

A+/A list mostly movie actress: Angelina Jolie

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MAICAO, COLOMBIA – JUNE 08: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) Special Envoy Angelina Jolie delivers a speech during a press conference after visiting a refugee camp in the border between Colombia and Venezuela on June 8, 2019, in Maicao, Colombia. UN and International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced yesterday that 4 million of Venezuelans have left their country since 2015 due to the social, political and economic crisis, which means they are of the single largest population groups displaced from their country globally. The camp in Maicao has 60 tents which can accommodate up to 350 people. Due to high demand, UNHCR is considering an expansion to give shelter to 1,400 people. Colombia it the top host of Venezuelan migrants and refugees, accounting 1.3 million. (Photo by Guillermo Legaria/Getty Images)

What the hell happened to her?  Oh and this would be a legit asylum case  for the US. 

Oh, come now, don’t act surprised. I kept saying HWeird would get hit too, but you didn’t listen…

I just did a post a couple of hours ago, and I really wanted to know. Did they move Epstein for his safety? That’s what I’m picking up? I could be off base.

I just told Ael, I have goosebumps!! Holy Moly they are looking for body parts.  US Naval destroyer?! They had to strike fast ! Hollywood you’re next!  Let’s pray they find something and oh, why would the government of the US VI be upset unless they are in on it?
Thank you to ael and Qanons for doing a superb job! 💖💖💖💋💋💋🌸😎