I love Randy Quaid!


Katie Hopkins – Meghan Markle

“Meghan Markle – with her private jets and squillion dollar baby showers is the biggest hypocrite there is.”

I’m a big fan of Katie, and without her reporting, I wouldn’t know what was going on with the invasion of Europe! She is wonderfully snarky!

Thank you anon!

Tweet from TombStoneBob- Epstein-Clinton-Andrew

Watch this video carefully, I don’t know it’s origins but I had to watch it 5 times

Joe M @StormIsUponUs- watch who you follow


I did have one claiming Qanon was a  fiction, not so #WWG1WGA

Benny Johnson tweets- Joe Biden grabs Co-Ed

What a jerk! He grabbed a girls arm, what’s up with that and what he said there are three sexes, really?


Here is a link to Scientific America lets see if you agree.