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Obama vs. Trump

Obama on Brexit “Barack Obama has warned that the UK would be at the “back of the queue” in any trade deal with the US if the country chose to leave the EU, as he made an emotional plea to Britons to vote for staying in. /from 2016/
In other words, the EU first, the U.K. “back of the queue” Do you think HM missed that part? I don’t think so.

Everyone heard what Trump told T. May? So, now you can imagine what he told HM, “Who cares what Brussel wants? If you decide to get out, just do it. Even if there is no deal with the EU, we are here for you. You will get a great deal. The U.K. goes first.”
I am sure HM and Trump had a great time.

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BREXIT reminds me of our revolution, taxation without representation, I think we can have the understanding that Brussel is pushing the globalists agenda and God Bless President Trump for winning, and hopefully we can defeat these bastards!

It’s a Win-Win for both our countries!  United we Stand, divided we fall!  thank you anon! Show your freedom with your voice, never let them take that away from you! 🌸😎


To that anon.

I unhesitant your feeling. I totally understand the feeling of the UK people. Yes, Meghan is the US citizen and she can move back in the US any time she wants to. But she needs a divorce and decent settlement money to make her life comfortable somewhere in LA or NY. No Americans will be interested in her daily pap strolls. Harry hypothetically may join MM and move to US along with. But what’s he is going to do there? Being a circus bear, jumping from show to show with MM, and telling the public stories about the life behind the Palace’s closed doors is an option but a pretty poor one …

Harry loves his country, he may want to visit the US but he knows better.  They won’t have any protection as this nation hates titles.  They would be no better than anyone else.  I’ve been wrong a lot but I can’t picture it.

Meghan will need something gated which is going to cost money when divorce comes.  Enty said she is sending pages for a tell-all book, that’s worth a king’s ransom.  There won’t be a money issue when all is said and done. The woman will hit the talk show circuit and anything she can get her grubby hands on.

If they do move and she starts her shit she will be under scrutiny like she has never known it!  The press can be vicious here.

Make her happy in the UK seems to be the best possible solution for now. All this stuff takes time.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

Washington Post ~ Julian Assange


Julian Assange carried a book during his arrest. He may have been sending a message.

Julian Assange appeared to be making a statement during his arrest from the Ecuadoran Embassy in London on Thursday. With wrists shackled, the WikiLeaks founder managed to carry a copy of Gore Vidal’s “History of the National Security State.” Its cover, featuring a photo of Vidal with a pensive, skeptical expression, was helpfully faceup so that eagle-eyed armchair detectives could discern Assange’s latest read.

Once Assange made it to court, he turned to the book while he waited for the proceedings to begin, according to Tristan Kirk, courts reporter for the London Evening Standard. During a delay, Assange “made good progress with his book while waiting,” Kirk tweeted.

Click on the link to read more, but here is a thought Trump signed into law about whistleblowers?


We are the over forty

For friends by friends, we are a group of people that met through royal circumstances and became friends over commonality.   We have taken our friendship to the next level, and now we have our website.

Last year, I promised to build a website for all us, and I can’t believe I did it! with your help, financial, emotional support we have a place to call home.  From chatting with you, I realize we are a mature audience, but we certainly haven’t lost our zest for life.

Our website should have mature themes to do, wine, drinks, food, entertaining, travel, makeup, skin care our lifestyles!  We should celebrate it!  Support one another as friends should do.  Our very own Instagram if you will. We are the over 40ish.

Don’t be afraid to bring a cool article or a post let’s share it! I will help you, and it’s easy and not much to it.  Our site is secure, and we have a heck of monitor system in place.

Just let me know, and I will invite to become an author by email, of course, we can handle the post for you. Let us know the URL which the address on the title bar. Whatever way is most comfortable for you.

I love it!