Prince Harry the Myth~ Meghan Markle’s making him Pay

Prince Harry the Myth~ Meghan Markle’s making him Pay

Prince Harry’s the Myth
Meghan Markle is making him Pay for womanizing
JD’s been sitting on information for two years about behind the scenes of the real Prince Harry. 

It’s a lot of information to process, together with my partner Vintage Scorpio we dive into some information that has been told to me privately.  JD’s is tired of the fighting going on between MM fans and Harry fans.  The screams…

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Meghan Markle will use this kid forever

Meghan Markle will use this kid forever

Anonymous said:
JD, say she does produce a baby. How is the RF going to control how she uses that child? Can you imagine what’s coming down the pike in that regard? Using the child for print ads, QVC, appearing with him/her as her Nickelodeon date, etc. OMG, it’s going to be even WORSE than what she’s done so far. JD, why were the lot of them unable to say a simple “NO” to Harry? And if they…

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An article originally written by Katie N says it all remember she wants you to believe Harry had affairs with Madonna and Cher. Meghan is obsessed with her image we know we watched her for now almost 2 yrs coming to the blogs and commenting on articles. She is an empty woman whose satisfaction is all about fame so of course she cares and reads.


I agree…

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