Huh? Proud of Harry? for the vets!

I don’t get the proud of Harry stuff. Why be proud of him? That is just the same enabling shit that has turned Harry into the mess he is.

Harry smiles turns on the boyish charm and he gets forgiven. Harry dove into the SH sewer and got a wife there and now probably through a surrogate he got a baby.

He has undermined the Monarchy and caused stress for his family especially a 93-year-old Queen and grandmother. His wife spread rumors about his BROTHER cheating causing pain for his brother his sister in law and his nephews and nieces. But Harry shows up ostensibly to promote the Invictus Games but turns it into and Harry and his new baby pr show and brings out his Diana card and all is forgiven.

Enabling. So Harry can continue his oblivious path of messing up only this time with a kid. I would think it great if he cleaned up but the person I think we should be proud of is William. He lost his mother too yet he had the integrity and courage to get into therapy to do the right thing and then be able to serve his country and his family with a stable loving family and a wife who supports the Monarchy instead of undermining it. Proud of William. he got it right.

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Yes, you know why I support the Invictus Games!  Those brave men and women need something positive.  Yes, he has a lot to answer for but I won’t go there when it comes to Vets!  Just like I don’t want to go there with children.  You have to draw the line somewhere.  This is me doing just that.

Since this is a public forum I won’t do that and I am after all a Harry blogger because of those vets! and he better not fuck it up like last time in Aus.  He left me so disappointed.

I have no problem roasting his ass, he is, after all, okay running the shit show.

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Little Holiday!!!! A lot of deception!!!

They were on holiday for 16 days. If there’s a tan, it’s from the beaches in Tonga and Fiji.

On Hate
I’d say H doesn’t hate MM, but I don’t think he respects her nor does she respect him. I’d say he’s been on the receiving end of her wrath. I think he would leave her in an NY minute if it was easy and I don’t think he made a deal to stay nor is forced to. He married a fake person who he really didn’t know. In the beginning, she filled a fantasy even though the cracks started to show as early as the engagement interview you could see it. Yet he chose to ignore what he saw and the warnings from others It’s really about marrying MM then refuse to acknowledge that she is not what she portrayed herself to be. It’s not that he doesn’t want to leave he doesn’t know how to leave. Someone’s always fixed his mistakes for him. Not this time.


I’m gonna let everyone have their shot at their opinion in what they think is going on here. We could speculate all you want. I think we’re pretty safe that way.

I think we’re getting into a love-hate relationship. In the beginning, I don’t think Harry thought that she was actually going to make him go through with it, But she did and brought it down to the wire.

Prince Charles Set up the wedding photographer because he had used them before For Camilla at himself.  We find out all these little bits and pieces later on down the road.

So yes he does have to find his way out, he’s an adult The real adults won’t be around forever and then what’s he gonna do then go to Kate and Will?

This is a costly lesson that they’re trying to teach Prince Harry I don’t appreciate it very much at all.  Many of us Stuck up for this man. We all felt he was very deserving a humanitarian, had compassion, the veterans, Invictus game, war hero.

Prince Harry helped me; I was laid up in bed after an epidural needle punctured my spinal cord seven months. I watch the Invictus games in Orlando, I thought, Oh my God I’m so proud of him! This is Princess Diana and Prince Charles, son; I want to get behind him.  If this man can inspire severely injured vets, then I can do too. I’ve heard from so many people who Harry inspired that were not Vet like me all because of these brave men and women. Prince Harry deserved to have someone like himself; I was more than happy to check her out. What a nightmare I found.

Tans don’t last that long on a ginger.

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Anon time! The Happy Hooker

so now Harry’s hooker tells the world that yoga in the morning heals the mind. Hey, Harry tell that to the 45 British vets who killed themselves this year. All they needed was some yoga in the morning and they would have been healed. I am so far beyond disgusted I do not have a word for it. The RF thinks her shit isn’t spilling all over them especially Harry? It is. His credibility is dust now. And they sent this bat shyte crazy fame whore on this tour.