Prince Charles snubs Mike Pence

Even though the White House is saying, he didn’t. You decide if he did or didn’t. I watched this video at least four times, and it looks like he did.

I unfollowed Clarence’s house today.

Prince Charles is part of the Swamp and biggest scumbag on the earth. He used Jeffrey Epstein for his services.


Anon submitted: Daily Mail – Sussex documentary

Anon submitted: Daily Mail – Sussex documentary

Funny how he went on then to marry a fame and media-hungry woman. Sorry but this guy is fake and uses his dead mother to justify his and his wife’s poor behavior. Sorry but this guy has turned into a lying weirdo. He and his wife love all the attention. They just don’t like it when people criticize them. They want to get worshipped all the time.

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JD, listen to this! LOL

JD, listen to this! LOL

Just imagine if it was Trump instead of Bill? LOL

The Mainstream Media would run this day and night for weeks like the one or two pictures they have. They never say that Trump cooperated with police fully early in the investigation.  Just amazes me, like Clinton didn’t have sexual relations with that woman, sure Bill.

We know why…

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