For Vintage

Dear Vintage, we are with you.


We are raising fund for Vintagescorpio


This is Vin PayPal account, she was taking care of her sister full-time.  I hope that you will donate a little something for her.

I spoke to Vin’s sister two years ago and she was full of joy and happiness, she was stuck with a bad heart. The doctors installed a pacemaker that was placed incorrectly. It was infected and they needed to go in and do the operation a second time.

There was so much hope with this pacemaker that we all thought they would make it to Florida.  For some reason, the pacemaker didn’t work and she died in her sleep.  The last words to Vin were pizza for dinner tonight?  She is with God now and that we should be joyful.

Thank you for your warm thoughts of sympathy

Anonymous said:bodyguard that said Meghan is rude and difficult to work with

Yesterday/today was for a VERY SHORT TIME an article about Meghan on the DM – it was about a bodyguard that said Meghan is rude and difficult to work with. The KP must have immediately called the DM and demanded that they take it down because Meghan already has so much bad press. I wonder if the article re-appears again on the DM or on the other website.
OMG, 😹😹😹they threw us under the bus but came here for a post that vintage found regarding this.
Hypocrite!  Put some money in the cup reporters!
Thank you anon, 🌸😎

Vintage is my best friend and partner, I love her and have her back

Vintage is my best friend of over two years and partner, I love her to death, she is black but who cares about skin color. Some are too lazy to read the blog and assume we are full of hate; we are not.

We invite all to send anon from either side, what you can’t do is attack our person.  That won’t be tolerated.

We listen, and we might answer with curse words of sarcasm, satire or something ridiculous. I back what Vin says or I wouldn’t be friends with her.

Just last night we were plotting out what we wanted to highlight for black history month. We want to show and encourage all PoC to do their very best in life because you’re beautiful and we love you.

Let me go one step further and tell you that MM wasn’t under any kind of racism. So chill the🤬 out.

Meghan has used the African American Community to do her bidding; she claimed she was white in Hollywood. Preferred white men there is nothing wrong with this but don’t use the race card.  If you want to be angry at someone be angry at her, she used you for PR!

If we communicate together and discuss on a human level, we can achieve much. Don’t call one another names, tell us why you feel hurt? Why do feel a word is racist?

That’s Vintage real name

That’s Vintage real name

Anonymous said:
JD, I just posted a long rant about voting for a republic here in Australia and it says “posted by Veoniss Melissa Houston”. JD, that’s not my name, and I’m totally Anon. The other posts under her name were not written by me. Is Tumblr assigning names to submissions now?
Sorry about that, I had a birthday party to go to tonight.  That Vin real name.
Thank you anon 🌸😎🥂

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