Mysteriouslytranparentwitch submitted Sun ~ MM will do Vogue in Sept women’s empowerment


As I said yesterday Meghan participated, she did not come in a sexy way she opted to dilute her participation in Vogue UK in September.

It must have been Meghan’s day but watching the live. Meghan seemed disappointed. I think they say the car plan 20 minutes before.

Meghan had to share the light of the cameras with Camilla and Catherine and she was not aware you could see at several times that she is looking at her Givenchy clothes.
Meghan felt unsure of herself with Catherine’s royal look.

The press team already has a plan to fight the bad press of the prochiane publication of Meghan’s expenses.
Meghan’s marketing team waited for KP to publish Catherine’s coat mark before publishing Meghan’s coat.

The Daily Mail Photo is terrible and pretty much summarizes Meghan’s situation.
We continue to say nice things about Meghan but the reality is settled. Meghan is not so important, she is stuck with the child of Sophie Meghan is she still a superstar ?! Not according to this picture.

PS someone noticed that Charles was not next to her but rather near his brother Andrew and his sister (they are very funny). Rose’s story has not passed for him yet.


Frenchie! Woo woo! 💖💖💋, I agree with you, Meghan had her shot, and now it’s business as usual. It’s her fault trying to push this stupid fashion narrative, and she looked like as ass, I don’t know why we continue to talk about her.

Anna Wintour is miffed? OMG, alert the fashion police! Of course, it will be about MM narrative on women empowerment, and I will tell you I never lost mine! I don’t need some twit to shout the political and far left tales while emasculating men in the same article.
That my friends are a complete and total turn off to me and women like me that have fought the good fight for years, Meghan is our embarrassment as women.  I’m not trolling, and I’m stating a fact of life here.
What has she really done? Go Yachting for dollars!  GTFOOH with her whiney false narrative a real woman doesn’t sell themselves to anyone! I’m not sorry for writing this either, give it up already, Markle.
Bullshit she doesn’t want to be featured on the front of the magazine! That was so laughable to read Frenchie, and I’m glad to have that conversation with you.
As we said, this is the coming out party with disappointing results. Please give Harry back his nutsack now!
I’m playing with MTW, but it was a big let down.
With love  and appreciation, JD 🌸😎💋💋💋💋

Even Vogue doesn’t know for sure ~ Empty chair letter ~treat Harry right

Goodbye for now, London-town. According to multiple reports, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have moved into their new home of Frogmore Cottage.

Come on Meghan we need pictures of you at Frogmore House, and you did it for me before.  I promise you, and I’m not jealous at all!  I don’t get why you Doxed me, and I guess all is fair in love and war.

Let me get a new picture first,  the last picture I was pulled out of a coma from uterine cancer not expected to live. Guess what, no makeup!  This time it will be ten years later no bangs, highlighted hair, I think I look pretty damn good for a walking corpse, and still you have more wrinkles than me.  Maybe, you should try some Mary Kay timewise instead of botox.

Meghan you have been given the greatest gift all, appreciate it and don’t blow it because of your massive ego. Harry is the sweetest guy on the planet and forcing people to like you, or you call them racist or jealous if they give you the slightest bit of criticism. Be reasonable, pick your battles and for the love of god listen for a change, the courtiers know what they are doing.

Meg, you won, you have the prize that’s Prince Harry, please treat him well, stop this nonsense and stop spending herds of money.  I don’t know why you can’t figure that out on your own.

Win people over with deeds not spending their hard earned money, come on now.  Let go of the power-hungry attitude; it’s not becoming of a Duchess.

You don’t need to compete with Catherine; she is your boss, respect her; she knows what she is doing.

Stop this social media war, if you have an ounce of compassion say what you mean, call off the dogs, please.

Love, jerseydeanne, your troll, 🌸😎💋