Some Newark News

I feel like I haven’t been living up to my username. I’ve been in my feelings a lot lately tbh, and isolating, not posting on here as much as I should, but I hope to change that. Mental illness is a fucking trip, I tell you. 

  But anyway, I told you I live in Newark, New Jersey. And right now, we’re going through a water crisis similar to Flint, Michigan. Several months ago, the water tested positive for lead and to combat this problem, Newark’s residents were given PUR water filters door to door with claims that the filters would remove 99% of the lead from our tap water. 

 Welp, turns out that even with the filters, Newark’s water not only still contained lead, but the levels of lead was 4 times the federal and state level, which is 15 parts per billion. 

So, since Monday, they’ve been distributing water bottles to Newark’s residents only to delay them, because the bottles of water they’re distributing are expired. It’s not the water itself that’s expired, it’s the plastic bottles containing the water

Naturally, Newark residents are pissed. Tomorrow, Newarkers and many political organizations are heading to City Hall tomorrow demanding they fix this issue immediately. I’ll be in attendance, I’ll keep you posted. Also, there have been calls for our current mayor, Ras Baraka, to resign from his post.

Here’s my takeaway from all this. Ya’ll can build a Whole Foods, and put all these fancy, unnecessary shops downtown, ya’ll can vouch for MTV to host the VMAs here, trying to turn Newark  into New York City 2.0 ,  meanwhile, we out here living in  squalor, especially those in public housing. I don’t even drink the water from tap, because you could smell the chlorine and metal coming from the water, and it’s fucking filmy. I have elderly parents, I have small nieces and nephews, as I’m sure that is the case for most of us, it’s not fair to them that they have to suffer because of these sorry ass officials. The so-called leaders of Newark are sitting on their hands with this crisis. Phil Murphy, who, prior to today has never even fucking stepped foot in Newark, had said Newark’s water was safe and that he’d drink it. They same the same shit about Flint and look what happened. 

And this is not just Flint or Newark. There are many other cities going through the same thing, it’s just not talked about in the news or media. I’m so sick of all this shit. The way things going, Newark may experience another rebellion. I hope not, but we fed tf up. 

OMG, I’m so sorry to read this. We need this to go viral, it seems this is the only way to get stuff done for our citizens in inner cities. Please reblog