Anon Time!! MM in white

Anon Time!! MM in white

Anonymous said:

Watch MM wear some big white dress to Eugenie’s wedding… Must hold the spotlight at all times

I had to think about this one,  

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Anon Time!! Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall

I think C & C will attend J & E wedding. My 2 cents, ignoring all the noise.
I do hope they are there as well, I really love seeing them. The Duchess always wears the best hats, PoW always rocks a morning suit. Thank you anon, 🌸🌸😎

katherine08lugo of PA said:

katherine08lugo of PA said:

katherine08lugo said:
JD only two days for the real royal wedding 💜. We are gonna see George and charlotte (i cant wait for that). They are gonna stole the show. How sweet of eugenie and jack to include all the children even their younger cousins louise and james ✌👐. Love it. Everyone is waiting for friday. Go to hell sugars you are mean and jealous of a born hrh princess 😇. Katherine

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Anon Time!! Sure Meg

Anon Time!! Sure Meg

Anonymous said:
Meghan is trying to make it seem she of course would have been invited tot he state dinner but has more important things to do. A state dinner would require for the ill mannered one a truck load of Xanax.
Is that why? Pathetic,  they got her out of town, I couldn’t figure out why they did it like this.  Oh well, happy living through chemistry. It’s such a shame this had to do it…

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Anon Time!! Family Unity

Anon Time!! Family Unity

Anonymous said:

The wedding party is a real statement of family unity and inclusion. Even the maligned Princess Michael’s grandson included. And Louis de Givenchy! And it is also very obvious a statement. Andy asserted himself here I do think. THIS is family and family is what matters.

Thank you anon,  This is so true! 🌸🌸😎

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Anon Time!! lovenowayworld submitted

Anon Time!! lovenowayworld submitted

lovenowayworld submitted:

So all the family members who were not part of Harry and Meghan’s wedding party are included in Eugenie’s.  Mia Tindal, the Phillips girls, Louise and James, Princess Michaels’ grandson.  And Robbie Williams son and this is priceless – Oliver de Givenchy a relative of the…

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Anon Time!! Where did you hear that?

Ok, maybe I read it wrong, but I thought Charles claimed to have an interview appointment for a documentary on him the day of E’s wedding. So he wouldn’t be attending. Did I dream that?
Not that I know of, the family will stand united no matter what the fame hoe wants. Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

Anon Time!!! Harry losing it???

Anon Time!!! Harry losing it???

Anonymous said:

Where would I find the gif of Harry losing it at his wedding? I want to make a comment, but before I do, I want to see that gif again. Do you have those gifs, and if so, were they tagged a specific way? Thanks.

I’m sorry, I have no idea what you’re talking about, no gifs I’ever saw. Thanks, anon 🌸🌸😎

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Anon Time!! Camilla has a school Engagement

Reports saying Camilla had a school engagement. Then something came out it’s actually her friends are flying in and she’s having a house party. I’m not buying any of that. Why? Meghan and her PR firm is trying to crash the wedding. Charles and Camilla will both attend.
Camilla has a school engagement as posted in the Daily Mail.  Charles will attend his niece’s wedding and he will fly back to Scotland and let his brother shine that day. There is no big deal here. Thank you anon 🌸😎