US intelligence that Donald Trump relied on to blame Wuhan lab for letting coronavirus escape shows China lied about human-to-human transmission, disappeared whistle-blowers and refused to help with vaccine

  • A leaked 15-page dossier from the ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence alliance says China’s secrecy over the pandemic is an ‘assault on international transparency’ 
  • The US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand intelligence agencies have exposed a series of cover-ups
  • It claims Five Eyes found a ‘deadly denial of human-to-human transmission’
  • Researchers who tried to raise the alarm have been silenced or disappeared and evidence of the outbreak was destroyed, it adds 
  • Report shows China refused to hand over virus samples to develop vaccines
  • China also allegedly censored virus news on search engines from December  
  • The leaked files show the nations have evidence the virus was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology 
  • Dr. Shi Zhengli’s research into deadly bat-derived coronaviruses was said to be  a concern, with at least one virus a 96% genetic match for COVID-19
  • Trump said he had seen evidence the virus may have been created in the lab
  • Australia has maintained the virus most likely came from the wet market  

Three coronavirus whistle-blowers remain missing two months after exposing the true scale of the outbreak from Wuhan

  • The whereabouts of Chen Qiushi, Fang Bing and Li Zehua are still a mystery 
  • The three journalists had sent shocking reports from Wuhan before vanishing 
  • Their videos showed corpses being loaded and hospital overrun by patients
  • They are among several Chinese citizens who disappeared after speaking out 

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Hunter Biden is subject of criminal probes, says PI firm that also claims whistleblower was on secret Ukraine flight —–
In addition, D&A Investigations told Fox News that its investigators have found that the intelligence community whistleblower at the center of the Democrats’ impeachment effort against President Trump accompanied Joe Biden when he traveled to Ukraine in early 2016 and, by his own admission, pressured the country’s government to fire its top prosecutor by threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid.

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Joe, you don’t have to run