Meghan Markle nick soap commercial and Larry King interview

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The Lies. 👀

Original video showing that writing advertising companies was a class project. 20 plus years later Markle tries to claim it was her idea while on the Larry King show, and during a UN Women’s Conference.

1st video below shows it was a “social studies project”.

2nd video shows how it’s suddenly become her idea. (Skip to about 8:18)

Please note that Lindsey Jill Roth was the producer on the Larry King show.  She also got Meghan work on the Foodnetwork


Never doubt for a minute that Meghan’s isn’t here for…

For one minute that Meghan is not in this for the long haul. She has always used this relationship with Harry as a platform to advance her fame and fortune agenda. Her belief was she could paint herself (using zillions in pr) as Diana reincarnated. That is the Diana victim of a mean RF the post-divorce Diana. The evidence of her delusional attempts at making that Diana connection are everywhere. And appearing more often cause Megsy is getting ready to go (or she knows they are getting ready to kick her and her pillow out).

Here we have more of her Diana cosplay and looking for merching sponsors – the other purpose of this so-called marriage.

5 Times Duchess Meghan Has Paid Homage to Princess Diana

theMeg🦈 is playing the long game, and she is not ready to leave as long as Harry is passive she can have the upper hand. The feelings I get is you are going to have to wait for the summer for something implode.

MM is sucking this up, and nobody is going to tell her different.  The Diana 2.0 has been on game plan since day one! Fibbing through her dentures that she didn’t know much about Royals, yet she is pictured in front of the palace.  Is he nice, interview asked her William or Harry, and she picks Harry.

I will not let her forget it, and I hope all of you don’t either, we got our eye on you MM.  Do the job you campaigned for Meghan.  You’re losing credibility.

Thank you anon 🌸😎💋