Meghan Markle nick soap commercial and Larry King interview

Interesting reblog from dirty duchess on tumblr

The Lies. đź‘€

Original video showing that writing advertising companies was a class project. 20 plus years later Markle tries to claim it was her idea while on the Larry King show, and during a UN Women’s Conference.

1st video below shows it was a “social studies project”.

2nd video shows how it’s suddenly become her idea. (Skip to about 8:18)

Please note that Lindsey Jill Roth was the producer on the Larry King show.  She also got Meghan work on the Foodnetwork


Never doubt for a minute that Meghan’s isn’t here for…

Never doubt for a minute that Meghan’s isn’t here for…

For one minute that Meghan is not in this for the long haul. She has always used this relationship with Harry as a platform to advance her fame and fortune agenda. Her belief was she could paint herself (using zillions in pr) as Diana reincarnated. That is the Diana victim of a mean RF the post-divorce Diana. The evidence of her delusional attempts at making that Diana connection are everywhere.…

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