Irish Times reports MM’s Vogue cover is not a triumph, it’s a confused political statement

Tada!! Finally, the truth!

Everyone hates the progressive politics that divide people instead of uniting. They are exclusionary tactics that will ultimately fail, and as we watch people dying from identity politics.

It’s nobodies fault when crazed, loners that required mental help, that left a trail of evidence of anti-social behavior go out and kill innocent people.


It certainly doesn’t help that Main Stream Media continues the Hillary manifesto narrative of hatred.  There isn’t anything uniting about being called a basket of deplorable’s, white privilege?? Racist??  If you’re not with us, you are the enemy!


Citizens you are not the enemy, and you have a God-given right to freedom of expression and speech. Reject these extreme leftist agenda! You’re not sheeple!  You are worthy, and you’re allowed to be patriotic and happy.


Hypocrite- DM- Letter to Vogue readers

Extremely shallow person preaches about shallow living.

Thank you for your submittal, I had to check if I posted this or not, all the articles in the past two days are quite similar.


Fair warning a word salad is coming to Vogue!  The self-anointed King and Queen from Africa or any country willing to take them on are so overly pretentious it’s sickening.


Positivity, kindness, humor, and inclusivity??? What in the hell is she going on about, UH OH another lesson for the sheeple is coming. You naughty human beings! Aren’t you woke yet?  and I mean SUPER WOKE??  As Markle sprinkle’s fairy dust and hands out KoolAid to the masses.  Better yet get the servants to do that while these two moronic egotistical sit their asses on a throne while being fanned with Ostrich feathers by the very lucky followers!

More articles to come from the Daily Mail, oh Joy! I can’t wait, giphy has so much for these two celebrities.


Thank you, squad member, God bless America and Great Britain, 🌸😎💋💂🏼‍♂️

Anon- Irony for the Kindness Campaign


It’s LA! I’m interested in other ppl’s thoughts on conferences

I’m interested in other ppl’s thoughts on conferences that consist of the real workers, experts who set goals to achieve their project as opposed to someone who no one ever knew existed but got a title from Royal lotto can sit at a table and claim to be helping an initiative. Other than word salad what has she actually done? All pr and no sustenance the hypocrisy of one’s lifestyle trying to dictate to others. L.A.
The press was put on a leash early on, wouldn’t they usually have investigated every nook and cranny of MM life? If we found her lies earlier on why didn’t they find them?
LA, I’m sure you can back me up on this, celebs are obligated to have an Instagram~ twitter~Facebook account to promote shows and movies as part of their contracts.  Also, part of their contracts maybe being seen doing some kind of charity work,  the aww moment, a one and done — free PR for the celeb and the show. There is no substance! It’s all make-believe.
The celeb personas you see are the actor, not the person.  What you see is not what you get. They can have tremendous egos or inferiority complexes. Their worlds are full of rejections and ridicule. Once they make it’s lots of ass licking and lies.
It’s all a big reality show but who is the producer?  or do we have a bunch of executive producers?  I recently found that creative artists agency is using their stable of celebs to help out.  Why? Meghan was supposed to be retired from acting. Always more questions.
Thank you, LA, 🌸😎