BananaBaroness- Meghan Markle gets caught! Narrative for racism is bogus!


Another example of the looney left!  The narrative is going down the toilet.

Meghan Markle is the distraction for Prince Andrew, IMO


Meghan Markle was a failure in Hollywood claims biography

Yep, and I’ve claimed this along, she was looking for the next best thing. Meghan pursued Harry with all her tricks and network pals for introduction, even giving sexual favors to his friends. Now, those friends that warned Harry are banished by Meghan.

CDAN Enty the Entertainment Lawyer Meghan Markle

CDAN Enty the Entertainment Lawyer Meghan Markle

speculation, conjecture


Blind Items Revealed #2

December 13, 2018

The alliterate former actress turned A+ list celebrity apparently has a Twitter and Instagram account under a fake name she uses to take shots at people who take shots at her.

Meghan Markle


Blind Items Revealed #3

December 8, 2018

Who knew that one person could…

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Poor Meghan Markle Comments on the Daily Mail🙄

Poor Meghan Markle Comments on the Daily Mail🙄

Anonymous said:

And again “poor Meghan” comments on the new Thomas/Meghan(/Kate) article. I have always supported Thomas but he’s getting a bit annoying…

Oh please!  They are taking attention away from Meghan Markle’s huge spending habits for christ’s sakes.  It’s getting super Obvious and this play is boring just like theMeg🦈 what a drag!
Thank You, Anon,  🌸😎🥂…

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Doria and Damage Control

Doria and Damage Control

Who is doing the damage control? A Sandringham visit for Doria means the RF is doing damage control. Why do damage control for MM? Get rid of her before she brings them all down. They ultimately cannot control the Markle damage. Harry married a “yachter,” and the marriage is a disaster. She is unhinged and a detriment to the monarchy. So get rid of her stop digging yourselves in deeper. And stop…

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Are You Joking?

Anonymous said:

I have to say with all the leaks coming out about Meghan, one thing for sure – Meghan and Harry’s divorce will be very entertaining because this one won’t go quietly away. I hope he’s ready for tell-all books, interviews, race cards, etc. She will play the victim and Harry and the rest of the BRF will be the evil ones.


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