Rep Trey Gowdy questions FBI’s Peter Strzok

Posting this for everyone to remember how this shit show started, Trey rips him a new one and exposes Peter’s bias before he ever interviewed anyone. Peter was supposed to investigate Hillary Rotten Clinton, gee how’d that go.



I hope this helps.

Youtube: And we know

Thank you for the links they will be most helpful, and I’ll even make this sticky on the front page. That way, people can decide for themselves if they want to believe or not, I always give people a chance. You must understand that I must give you a hard time. I must be skeptical about this topic.  Since I’ve heard so much about Qanon, I’m curious myself.  People click on the boxes they will take you to the sites to find the information.

I want to know why the friggin numbers and who has time to write in code but I do think there is some plausibility in it after reading the Podesta emails and I was sickening by them.

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Let me know in the comments or the forum what you think about this subject. Make me a believer!

seethroughenergy~ Borderless~ Laura Southern Documentary ~ a must see

How much can any country handle all at once? That’s the problem, healthcare, housing, food, crime, what are the solutions?  We take on these people or do we hold the first country to blame. Should we send that country the bill?

This is big money being made by traffickers.

The solution should be simple, stop the demand! Negotiate with the country to change their ways. Sharia law is unacceptable to the west.  Simulate! What are we seeing, the take over of western civilization?

aetrileaf tumblr ~ Smollett case Deep Dive

Here is another opinion into the Jussie Smollett case, sound familiar to amazing Polly, Sounds convincing to me!

We are pushing awareness do make sure these issues don’t go away.

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Great work @aeltrileaf! Please follow her on tumblr; she is the chief investigator on these creeps!

Tumblrs @aeltrileaf ~ Smollet Cas~ Child Trafficking

This is speculation until proven otherwise.  I knew it!  There is a connection to Metoo and Times Up!

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Sexual abuse is a crucial topic, and these animals need to be locked up. Help drain the swamp! Make awareness today.

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