Let’s catch up on Q October and more to come

I was moved to tears, and Trey is spot on, it’s up to all of you. God Bless this man.

Sure, Joe! Nothing to see here, RIGHT

GITMO for you, Joe!

Not on our watch!  2nd amendment the right to bear arms against a tyrannical government, Hillary Clinton

More to come, folks!


Corrected YT link: Why PA was all smiles on way to Balmoral

Corrected YT link: Why PA was all smiles on way to Balmoral

Dan Bongino Show Liberal Hoax Exposed- Bomb shell

That was intense!  We showed the college kids screwed up the other day. I trolled the liberals on @realDonaldTrump twitter with Don’t send your children, and even tumblr couldn’t escape my wrath. I was called racist, and a cee you next Tuesday. They refuse to listen to the truth!

Sean Hannity said that even if Trump cured cancer, they would find something wrong with it.

Has everyone gone insane?

I have friends of all the colors of the human rainbow, and they are my friends. I refuse to compartmentalize them, and neither should you! Don’t allow people to bully you into this disgusting anarchist attitude; it’s wrong.

Americans are known as a Heinz 57, aka Mixed race, that’s who we are, Americans.  Shut the front door Hillary and George!

Fox News – Sean Hannity- Nancy Pelosi and the insane clown posse

How about we be Americans together

United we stand, divided we fall

We will never be socialists, remember Venezuela, USSR, Cuba

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Insane Clown Posse, the Socialist Party of the US

Nancy is the short one

They won’t condemn Antifa


I hope this helps.

Youtube: And we know

Thank you for the links they will be most helpful, and I’ll even make this sticky on the front page. That way, people can decide for themselves if they want to believe or not, I always give people a chance. You must understand that I must give you a hard time. I must be skeptical about this topic.  Since I’ve heard so much about Qanon, I’m curious myself.  People click on the boxes they will take you to the sites to find the information.

I want to know why the friggin numbers and who has time to write in code but I do think there is some plausibility in it after reading the Podesta emails and I was sickening by them.

Thank you anon for submitting, 🌸😎

Let me know in the comments or the forum what you think about this subject. Make me a believer!